A4 Run Away Challenge Mod APK 1.64 (Unlimited Money)
A4 Run Away Challenge Mod APK 1.64 (Unlimited Money)

A4 Run Away Challenge Mod APK 1.64 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - May 24, 2022
Name LMHMOD A4 Run Away Challenge
Category Casual
Price FREE
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Fingers Yoda
Size 119MB
Version 1.64
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 24, 2022 (6 months ago )

Promises to open up fascinating real-time adventures. Through the Casual game of the publisher APM2 Studio. You will be impersonated as a character in the game A4 Run Away Challenge Mod. Join the run from the pursuit of many enemies. Set in a large space. Happening at different locations. With countless challenges waiting ahead. Requires your running and dodging experience to escape dangerous traps and enemies. Along with that, a series of features are added. Have the opportunity to discover many different characters. Diverse mission system, unlimited destination. Provide support items such as boosters to help you use during your escape. Along with impressively designed graphics and sounds.

Download A4 Run Away Challenge Mod – Run From Enemies Real-Time

The gameplay of the A4 Run Away Challenge Mod is played in real-time. Role-play as a character in the game to start the escape. In a large space, limited range of activities. You will be chased by many dangerous enemies. If they catch them, they will lose their lives, meaning the mission will end. The goal is to collect enough gold stars to complete the mission. However, to collect a star, you need to survive the corresponding time. At the same time, the achievement will be proportional to the escape time. Survive as long as possible in the journey of running away from the enemies. Collect in turn to accumulate a sufficient number of stars. From there will complete the escape to start a new journey. There is also a chance to collect gift boxes to receive attractive rewards.A4 Run Away Challenge Mod

Many enemies in pursuit

During the run of the A4 Run Away Challenge Mod. Based on the open gameplay, you can move freely. Run in the direction indicated, wriggle flexibly to dodge. Because enemies appear in very large numbers. Especially will be chased by many different types of enemies. For example children, men, women,… even prehistoric dinosaurs. They will not stop chasing until they catch you. To be able to kill, reduce the number of enemies chasing. You need to make them collide. Simultaneously through the escape process. Can push objects that appear in front to get in the way. At the same time, pay attention to observing the surrounding obstacles. If you are not careful, it will cause your running speed to decrease.Ear A4 Run Away Challenge Mod

Running skills

The run-in A4 Run Away Challenge Mod takes place without limit. To be able to survive for as long as possible. Get rid of dangerous enemies to collect enough gold stars. Requires your skills to be a combination of many different factors. Observe everything around, and open a smart run. Dodge flexibly to dodge, leaving the pursuers behind. Find a way to make them collide with each other to destroy. Search for gift boxes for a chance to receive support items. For example, using a skateboard will increase running speed faster. Or use boosters to breakthrough, leaving the enemy behind. However, it can only be used for a short period of time. If you know how to use it, it will be very effective. Help your survival time maintain longer.Download A4 Run Away Challenge Mod

Unlock new characters and upgrades

Complete the required tasks in the A4 Run Away Challenge Mod game. You will have the opportunity to unlock many different characters. Each character is impressively shaped, in a cartoon style. Their difference is reflected in their faces and fashion styles. The ability of each character is expressed through 3 parameters. Including running speed, flexibility, and life. After unlocking the favorite character. You can upgrade to enhance your running ability. By using items collected from previous escapes. Upgrade each parameter in turn to improve the ability.Game A4 Run Away Challenge Mod

After finishing a run in A4 Run Away Challenge Mod. With the goal of collecting enough stars to be completed. Or get attacked by the enemy and lose your life midway. Based on the survival time during the mission. The same number of enemies were killed and items collected. Right after that, you can continue on to the next run. The difficulty will increase with survival time in the journey. Have the opportunity to explore many new places. At the same time, the number of enemies appeared more than before. Their speed is also increased faster. Along with intricately arranged obstacles. Causing you a lot of trouble. Requires skills to be continuously improved. Combine character development to increase running ability.

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