Adorable Home Mod APK 1.21.5 (Unlimited Money/Hearts)
Adorable Home Mod APK 1.21.5 (Unlimited Money/Hearts)

Adorable Home Mod APK 1.21.5 (Unlimited Money/Hearts)

By TT - April 28, 2022
Name Adorable Home
Version 1.21.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Hearts
Size 99MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher HyperBeard
Update April 28, 2022 (2 months ago )

Adorable Home Mod is a game for you to relax all the time. You can play with your friend or lover and enjoy the most idyllic moments in the virtual world here. It can be your second life where you can decorate your home, take care of pets, love, give birth, and work like in real life. It is this that has attracted a lot of young gamers to the game and positive reviews about it. Not every game gives players such a realistic experience. So, join the game and create the virtual life of your dreams, doing what you like and working for your own happiness. Not only the gameplay, but this game will also impress you with its lovely and bright graphics.

Download Adorable Home Mod – Virtual world but real experience

Adorable Home brings the real world into your experience and gives you full control over it. Here, you are a normal individual and have a real-life, able to participate in daily activities such as studying, working, taking care of children, cleaning the house, and more. It’s like a real-world simulator under the eyes of cartoon art. You will find everything moving very smoothly, the rhythm of life gently flowing and leaving you with many emotions. This gameplay is really different from the old games. That’s why the game made it to the top of the best games of 2020. If you still remember it, don’t hesitate to return to your second life.


Build your home

To start playing the game, you need to choose a character for yourself and your partner or best friend. These two characters will move to a new house in the suburbs and start a new life. However, things did not go well at first. Your house is just a small, empty, and old room. You and your friend will renovate it in your own way. Let’s start cleaning and filling it with unique furniture.

You can add a sofa in the center of the room, a wall-mounted television, a tablecloth, a rug, a cat and dog house, wall art, decorative flower pots, and more. Everything is available in the store, but you need a heart to shop. Tim will be earned from daily activities or purchased with real money. But if you play the game with the Mod version here, you can own everything because there are a lot of free hearts. And remember, you can design your home however you like. There are no requirements to tie you to classic or modern, simple or sophisticated designs.


Participate in daily activities

When participating in Adorable Home Mod, you can do many things to earn hearts, pay for decorations and pets. Specifically, you can go to work overtime, take care of the cats, watch TV, prepare food for your lover or simply walk around the garden outside. Each activity earns hearts, but you need to accumulate them to buy things you like. And the most prominent activity in this game is taking care of cats and dogs, the best job but quite annoying.

Your cat needs feeding, drinking, bathing, toileting, nail clipping, and dozens of other needs every day. Not only one cat, but you will have to take care of many pets at the same time. They will get annoyed when they’re not happy with your cuddling. But their angry faces look so cute they can really amuse you. Besides, remember to capture the funny moments of your cat care time and share them with your friends.

In addition, Adorable Home is also a place for you to build a family of more than 2 people. You can give birth and take care of it every day just like in real life, and share memorable moments. You can even get married to someone you really love. There are no limits to your love.


Graphics with a friendly cartoon style

The graphic style of the game can make you like it at first sight. It depicts everything on the basis of 2D graphics in a cartoon style, which is both close, lovely, and fun. Images of characters, pets, decorations … are quite realistic and sharp. The game scene is always bright, and the background music is always melodious throughout your experience. This is truly a relaxing experience that every gamer has been waiting for.


So, do you want to join Adorable Home Mod? This game has an extremely crowded community of players for you to share your great moments. Do your way to build a real family, dream life, and live for happiness. Don’t miss this opportunity to find joy and peace, where you decide the design of your home, your lifestyle, your activities, and everything around you.

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