AdVenture Communist Mod APK 6.14.0 (Menu, Customize Cost)
AdVenture Communist Mod APK 6.14.0 (Menu, Customize Cost)

AdVenture Communist Mod APK 6.14.0 (Menu, Customize Cost)

By TT - June 23, 2022
Name AdVenture Communist
Version 6.14.0
MOD Features Menu, Customize Cost
Size 70MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Hyper Hippo
Update June 23, 2022 (5 days ago )

AdVenture Communist Mod is a simulator that allows you to become the leader of a communist country. It is seen as a satirical representation of a political ideology, like its predecessor, the AdVenture Capitalist. This time, you will have the opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a talented leader as well as a successful businessman. You will come up from the fields of potatoes – the main food for troops, residents, and exports. Do not hesitate to show your business strategy and promote potato yield. The more potatoes, the bigger the money. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to climb the leaderboard and compete with other leaders. There are many limited-time online events that you shouldn’t miss to hunt for great rewards.

Download AdVenture Communist Mod – Manage and develop a potato empire

Like many other simulation games, AdVenture Communist gives you an idle and entertaining management experience. You just need to click on the screen to play and enjoy the productivity. The amount of money you earn will be more and more, from there you can unlock hundreds of different things from potato varieties, ingredients for delicacies, technology, weapons and build farms, plantations, towns … There are no limits in this game except your creativity. You can sit still and watch every move, or manage and take care of everything in the process yourself. As soon as you leave the game, your potato farm is always operated to produce agricultural products and be sold. When you return, you will see growth and wealth.


Manage all activities in production

At the beginning of the game, you are just a poor farmer with a small piece of land. Let’s start here and nurture your dream of getting rich. You can immediately start growing potatoes, then harvest and sell the first agricultural products on the farm. You can then use the revenue to continue to buy potato seeds and improve the productivity of your farm. If you can’t do it, don’t hesitate to hire more workers and pay them with potatoes. Furthermore, purchase the necessary machinery and equipment to optimize productivity at each stage of the process. Starting with the village, you will need a tiller. If you want to mine land to expand your farm, you will need diggers, excavators, bombs, and more.

Just like that, you can develop your potato farm into a real empire. Your agricultural products not only feed the residents, workers, workers but even the whole world. Over time, you can also build and upgrade plantations, towns, and even a city, a country. Your whole country will get rich from potatoes, technology, weapons, and many other industries. From potatoes, you earn money to invest in and develop other areas, promoting comprehensive economic and political development. Then you are really the leader of a country, not just a businessman.


Some tips to grow fast

Although it is an idle game, AdVenture Communist Mod also requires many elements from you. Of course, you need wise strategies to drive progress in both productivity and quality. Moreover, you are the one who decides to upgrade and expand everything in your potato empire. But when you get to the top, think about hiring researchers. They will help you with everything from automating and accelerating resources to increasing production output, reducing purchasing costs, and resource trading. They are resources worth investing in because the benefits they bring are enormous.

Researchers are ranked from common to rare. So if you have enough money, you should buy high-ranking researchers to push things without doing anything. In addition, there are many limited-time events that take place throughout your experience. You shouldn’t miss the chance to participate in these events for great rewards including money, gold, researchers, and more. This is also your chance to climb the prestigious rankings. Those are the tips for you to play this game well, develop and progress non-stop.


Funny and lovely cartoon images

As a satirical game, this game is designed with a cartoon style. Every image in the game looks extremely funny. Your character also has many fun expressions and is always ready to work. The game background is bright, the music is light and cheerful. Everything is simple but colorful, creating a great feeling of relaxation. Play this game without regard to achievement, simply have fun while enjoying growing productivity.


AdVenture Communist Mod will satisfy you if you are a lover of idle games. Come here and try your management strategy to grow the potato empire in a communist country. Hire workers, buy machinery, expand your farm, and trade agricultural products everywhere, are you ready to do this?

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