Age of War Mod APK 4.8 (Unlimited Coins)
Age of War Mod APK 4.8 (Unlimited Coins)

Age of War Mod APK 4.8 (Unlimited Coins)

By HN - April 4, 2022
Name LMHMOD Age of War
Category Strategy
Price FREE
Requires Android 2.3
Publisher Max Games Studios
Size 40MB
Version 4.8
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Get It On Google Play
Update April 4, 2022 (8 months ago )

Test your command in Age of War Mod. This is a game built in the form of a strategy theme. Open up attractive defense matches. The content takes place in the war between two armies. Aim to destroy the opponent’s base to win. The gameplay of the game is quite simple but brings a new experience. Promises to open up interesting battles for players to join. The publisher offers a series of unique features. From graphics, and images, to sound effects. Along with the control, the interface is designed in a direct interactive style. Make it easy to use to perform combat operations. Along with that, there will be the opportunity to lead 16 units of soldiers and explore 15 defensive towers.

Download Age of War Mod – Base Defense Battle Between Two Troops

The battle between the two armies in Age of War Mod takes place extremely dramatically and tense. Your goal, as well as that of your opponent, is to destroy the enemy base. Win on the fierce battlefield. Unlike other strategy games. Here, the battle is divided into several stages. The time of each battle lasts quite a long time. Depends on your strategy and your opponent. If you come up with a smart strategy. Arrange the formation of soldiers to attack effectively. From there can reduce the match time, and win faster. After completing a battle, get excellent achievements. You can start a new battle. Show the skills of a commander in the process of leading the fighting force. Destroy enemy bases to assert yourself.Game Age of War Mod

Gameplay, use the money to summon soldiers

In the battle of Age of War Mod is divided into several stages. The units of the two factions will fight face to face during the attack. Fights take place frequently. Summon each unit in turn. Not only helps you attack, but also acts as a layer of defense. Prevent enemy forces from attacking the base. After each kills of an enemy minion unit. You will receive a gold coin. The number of gold coins received will depend on the level of each soldier unit. The more superior their abilities, the greater the gold coins received. Using the collected money will give you resources to summon more new minions. At the same time, it is also possible to use special weapons to attack large areas. After use will need time to wait for recovery.Age of War Mod

16 units, base levels

Become a commander in Age of War Mod. You will have the opportunity to lead 16 different units of soldiers. Divided into many levels, corresponding to the types of bases to protect. In the early stages, you need to protect the cave of the prehistoric man. With units that can be summoned like a prehistoric man holding a stick or holding a spear, riding a dinosaur. After the battle time, accumulate a gold coin. It is possible to upgrade the base to a new level. From there will be summoned units with stronger combat capabilities. For example, in the Roman era, it is possible to summon sword-wielding warriors and horse-riding heroes. Furthermore, it is possible to summon military forces. Units of soldiers holding guns, driving armored tanks. Or space warriors, possessing advanced weapon technology.Tai Age of War Mod

Equip the base with weapons

Besides upgrading the base and summoning units. In Age of War Mod, you can equip the defense system for the base. Through the money collected from destroying enemy units. Depending on the level of the base, it is possible to equip the corresponding weapon. For example prehistoric cave bases. Can be equipped with a catapult, a cauldron of boiling oil. Up to a higher level, can equip artillery guns. There are even rocket guns with great destructive power. Each gun has its own attack ability. Expressed through the attack range, the amount of damage dealt with the enemy. Want to own a defense system with greater attack power. You will have to spend the corresponding amount. From there, it is possible to support attacking units, as well as increase the defense of the base.Download Age of War Mod

In addition to the defense system of the base that you can equip. Age of War Mod also provides a wide area attack system. You can actively attack when needed. Or being overwhelmed by large numbers of enemy minions, unable to stop. Causes the base to be in a state of near destruction. Depending on the type of base, there will be a separate attack system. Includes lava rain, arrows, bombs, and laser beams. When used will fiercely attack from the sky. Causes enemies hit to instantly lose their lives. From there will create an opportunity for your army to attack. Or stop the enemy formation from attacking the base.

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