Angry Birds Friends Mod APK 11.0.0 (Unlimited Booster, Unlocked)
Angry Birds Friends Mod APK 11.0.0 (Unlimited Booster, Unlocked)

Angry Birds Friends Mod APK 11.0.0 (Unlimited Booster, Unlocked)

By TT - May 7, 2022
Name Angry Birds Friends
Version 11.0.0
MOD Features Unlimited Booster, Unlocked
Size 100MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Arcade
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Update May 7, 2022 (2 months ago )

Angry Birds Friends Mod is the sequel to the popular Angry Birds game series from publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation. This time, it brings many new modes and features to help renew your fun puzzle experience. But the main content of the game is still the confrontation between angry birds and annoying green pigs. In that fight, you need to show your skillful crossbow shooting skills to take down the green pigs and rescue your friends. There are hundreds of different levels with increasing challenges over time. Moreover, you can connect with friends through Facebook to compete and record achievements. Countless attractive rewards are also waiting for you to discover. Download the game and start a new journey in the super fun world of angry birds.

Download Angry Birds Friends Mod – The battle between Angry Birds and the blue pigs

Surely you are no stranger to the legendary Angry Birds games. But if you haven’t tried Angry Birds Friends yet, you should play it now to discover some unique new mechanics. It has attracted millions of gamers and is addictive with its humorous puzzle gameplay. Not only that, the level system of the game is significantly upgraded and added weekly. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to explore hundreds of challenges and conquer many great rewards. Dozens of levels with unique terrain types will test your wits and skills. Make an effort to score the highest score and get up to 3 stars in each level. You are playing in ranked mode and the competition for achievements has never been this exciting.


Show your crossbow shooting skills

Keeping the old gameplay, this game will make you enjoy the fun pig shooting challenges. It includes level systems from easy to difficult. And in each level, your task is to destroy the green pigs that stole the bird’s eggs. You can use the familiar crossbow and angry bird bullets to retaliate. But make sure you aim correctly and need a smart strategy to destroy the stronghold of the green pigs. The castle walls will become more and more sophisticated and complex with each level. At that time, you need to align the shooting angle so that it is reasonable, and at the same time upgrade the number of bullets you have.

Each type of ammo will have its own effects to give you an advantage. Specifically, the most basic bullet is the red bird (Red). It has no special advantages but is something that you will get for free at the beginning of the game. You can then unlock new types of birds to diversify your ammunition inventory. It could be a bird that can cause a huge explosion on landing or a bird that can split into two to three bullets. The more advanced birds will of course bring higher efficiency. However, it depends on your aiming skills. Just swipe your hand on the screen to stretch the crossbow, then customize the direction of the shot and release your hand to shoot. It’s not too hard to get used to, but it’s not easy to master every level.


Unlock maps and support items

The level system in Angry Birds Friends Mod comes with a pretty rich map system. Every week, the game will add 24 new levels and bring many other unique maps. Each map will delight you with different types of terrain. Sometimes it’s hills at sunset, sometimes it’s classical Greek city walls, sometimes it’s a sunny desert. Each location has its own beauty, inspiring you to play the game for a long time.

Besides, to conquer more difficult levels, you can buy support items. It can help you play better to score new record achievements. It can be special ammo, a magic crossbow, a parachute, and more. Use them effectively to make the green pigs scatter. No matter how strong their strongholds are, it’s hard to be safe from the special weapons of the angry bird army.


Connect and compete with friends

Unlike some previous titles in the Angry Birds series, this new game has an online interactive mode between players. Specifically, you can make friends with friends on Facebook and invite them to participate in a competition. Each player will have to work to score the most points and win the overall game. These competitions will be much more attractive than the classic levels. Moreover, the reward for winning is also great, and you will have a chance to move up the leaderboard.


Angry Birds Friends Mod is really an addictive game, isn’t it? It promises to bring you endless fun on your phone. A free game with hundreds of exciting levels to play and relax at the same time, what could be better? Friendly images, playful sounds, bright backgrounds, and many other impressive points. All will make you hard to ignore.

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