Army Men Strike Mod APK 3.134.0 (Unlimited Money)
Army Men Strike Mod APK 3.134.0 (Unlimited Money)

Army Men Strike Mod APK 3.134.0 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 8, 2022
Name Army Men Strike
Version 3.134.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 151MB
Requires Android 4.2
Category Strategy
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Volcano Force
Update May 8, 2022 (2 months ago )

Army Men Strike Mod will lead you on a journey back to your childhood in toy wars. This time, you will be a commander of a legion of toy soldiers, tasked with leading them to defend the territory. It was really a different and new experience, not only tactical but also fun and full of crazy ideas. There you have control over all toy units, from soldiers, tanks, trucks, planes, guns, and more to set up battles. The battlefield can be a bathroom, toilet, bedroom, sandbox, and more. Show your strategy to fend off invading legions, defend your territory and find glory. A real war takes place in the tiny world, what do you think? It has enough appeal, fierceness, and realism needed to keep gamers interested.

Download Army Men Strike Mod – Toy war in the tiny world

Have you ever thought about the crazy war between the toys in the house? Army Men Strike will make your thoughts come true. It simulates an endless war between seemingly useless toys. Now, they are mobile and can become real soldiers, weapons, and vehicles. You can try to run them to create large campaigns, expand territory or defend against attacks.

Many interesting stories will be written up here, and you are the one to do it. It seems that everything is simple and boring, but it is addictive for more than 10 million players on mobile. This tactical war is no less attractive than the classic tower defense games. That’s why you shouldn’t miss it.


Lead legions to conquer all fronts

It’s time to start a war at home, and you are the leader. The soldier units in the toy group have divided themselves into factions, causing unprecedented conflicts in the mini world. Now, they have to compete with each other to divide the territory. In it, you will be the commander of the green army corps and are entrenched in the rooms.

Recruit the necessary things to start the uncompromising battle. Use each household item as an essential weapon and vehicle for battle. No matter whether it’s guns, trucks, tanks, piggy banks, magnets, robots, and more. All are useful in your campaigns. For example, magnets help to collect metal, piggy banks to manage budgets, trucks to move legions…

The great war will include many different campaigns. Each campaign can take place in a certain location, such as a sandbox, dining table, bed, toilet, and more. Each place will have its own unique terrain, so you need to have your own strategies to take advantage of the map. If you spot a suspicious march, place troops on either side of the road to destroy them and loot resources. Besides, you can set up online campaigns where you have to face off against real players. It is definitely much more attractive, and the accompanying rewards are also super awesome.


Unlock and upgrade units

There are dozens of different types of units in Army Men Strike Mod to utilize for your campaigns. Firstly, about weapons, you can find many types of guns such as sniper rifles, flamethrowers, machine guns, rifles… Next, about vehicles, there will be trucks, tanks, cars, planes, helicopters, and more. Besides, you can unlock new units of soldiers, such as army units, navy, and air force, … Each campaign will need different units, and you need to know how to combine them to maximize Multi-combat effectiveness.

Moreover, the upgrade factor is indispensable. Your enemies will be more and more powerful and crowded, that’s why you can’t sit idly by. Find ways to upgrade your base and the units, weapons, and vehicles in your force. Collect resources to equip soldiers, build more defenses, level up vehicles, and more to increase survival rates.


Fun 3D graphics, bustling sound

With cartoon design, the toys in the game appear clear and realistic. Although they are like real toys, they are all very flexible, can shoot guns, drive cars, set up trenches… Every movement is very smooth, combat effects are vivid and eye-catching. The battlefield scene is also very close because it is inspired by familiar locations in the house. Everything is pretty much perfect to get you excited.


Army Men Strike Mod will be an interesting game for many gamers who love the strategy genre. Especially, if someone is looking for a new and fun experience, then this is indeed the best game. It gives you toy wars that are both fun and thrilling. Everything happens in the third person and on realistic 3D graphics. So there is no point to complain about this game.

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