Battle Run and Gun Mod APK 1.7.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Ammo)
Battle Run and Gun Mod APK 1.7.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Ammo)

Battle Run and Gun Mod APK 1.7.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Ammo)

By HN - May 25, 2022
Name Battle Run and Gun
Version 1.7.4
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Ammo
Size 72MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Aceviral
Update May 25, 2022 (1 month ago )

Are you ready for the races in the game Battle Run and Gun Mod? This is an action game with an element of adventure. The content revolves around the battle character. Take on the quest to conquer the challenges and defeat the minions. Through the process of constantly moving forward. At the same time use the gun as a weapon, and attack the target automatically. Similar to games with similar themes. Unlimited racing gameplay. Through each race, your goal goes further to surpass the previous achievement. Enjoy the feeling of victory when conquering all challenges. To recreate a lively racing environment. A series of unique features are designed by the system. Same simple touch control mechanism to implement.

Download Battle Run and Gun Mod – The Race Combines Action Shooting Elements

The race of Battle Run and Gun Mod revolves around the battle character. Your mission is to accompany him to conquer all challenges. On an unlimited track, with countless obstacles. Dangerous pitfalls, especially with the appearance of henchmen. If the right collision will cause the battle character to lose his life. That means ending the race. To be able to overcome all challenges, and achieve excellent results. Your skill requirements must be really flexible. In it, the observation factor plays a very important role. Requires concentration to quickly observe the road ahead. Combine reflexes to flexibly handle dangerous situations. Dodge the obstacles to keep moving forward. From there, you can travel long distances to surpass your own achievements.Battle Run and Gun Mod

More than 100 missions, increasing difficulty

For every player participating in the race to have the most enjoyable racing experience. Battle Run and Gun Mod offer more than 100 different missions. With the required conditions, it must be done. For example, collect items, and attack a sufficient number of minions. Or collect to accumulate enough event items. There are many other missions waiting for you to discover. Each completed mission will have a chance to receive additional rewards. After the race ends, you will receive new diamonds, gold, and weapons. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually over time in the race. Battle character movement speed is faster than before. Especially the number of traps and obstacles is not limited. They appear more as the distance moves further and further. Make you encounter many difficulties in the journey.Tai Battle Run and Gun Mod

Skateboards and weapons

Use the skateboard in the race of Battle Run and Gun Mod. You can move faster than normal running speed. Not only that, when using a skateboard will help the battle character increase the survival rate higher. Because it can save a life in a collision on the track. For example, during the use of skateboards to move. If you accidentally hit an object in front. The skateboard will be lost, in exchange, you will not lose your life to be able to continue the race. Along with that, weapons are indispensable tools. They are used to attack minions who stand in the way. With the advantage of automatic attack, as soon as an enemy is detected in front. The character will automatically shoot bullets to destroy. The game has more than 15 different guns to choose from. Typically such as Tommy guns, rocket guns, and laser guns.Game Battle Run and Gun Mod

Unlock many battle characters

Accompany the battle character in the race of Battle Run and Gun Mod. Complete missions to accumulate rewards. You can unlock many different characters. Typically like Laura, Tracy, Armstrong, Exo, Chick-Hen,… Many other characters will be unlocked. Each battle character is designed with an impressive appearance. Expressed through the style of dress, and the face. To be accompanied by favorite characters. You cannot choose a freeway. Instead, it will take time to unlock. Through the race, complete the mission to receive experience points. When you reach the required level, you can unlock the corresponding character. Then use the items collected during the race. Can upgrade the character to reach the maximum number of stars, 6 stars.Download Battle Run and Gun Mod

Gold coins appear throughout the race in Battle Run and Gun Mod. Try to collect as many as you can, don’t miss. Because they are the main currency used to perform transactions. Besides, you are also supported with many different tools. For example, magnets appear randomly at a location. Collecting them can suck all the gold coins when moving through. X2 speed boost items will move faster than before. Sometimes a paraglider will be used to fly in the air. At this point, your only task is to collect gold coins.

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