Battle Seven Kingdoms Mod APK 4.1.5 (Unlimited Money)
Battle Seven Kingdoms Mod APK 4.1.5 (Unlimited Money)

Battle Seven Kingdoms Mod APK 4.1.5 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - June 7, 2022
Name LMHMOD Battle Seven Kingdoms
Category Strategy
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Springcomes
Size 90MB
Version 4.1.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update June 7, 2022 (6 months ago )

Battle Seven Kingdoms Mod is a simple yet addictive strategy game. It is a sequel to the Kingdom Wars saga and has many new features. The game allows you to become a talented commander, keeping the task of controlling the general to conquer epic battles. You can compete against online players or AI opponents. But every battle, regardless of mode, is very dramatic and unpredictable. Consider carefully arranging a perfect lineup. At the same time, you need to observe the battlefield to come up with a wise recruitment strategy, help replenish the squad and gain an advantage. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? But this game is very easy to play as it is designed with intuitive and simple controls. Let’s explore more about it now.

Download Battle Seven Kingdoms Mod – Become a talented strategic commander

Most strategy games like Kingdom Wars are great places to show off your leadership talents. It has many modes to play, and also offers a leaderboard for many players to compete online. It’s fun to be able to compete with friends in epic battles. Moreover, the game also possesses a super-rich collection of units, allowing you to experiment with many strategies according to your creativity. And the battlefield scene is also meticulously depicted, highlighting the classical beauty of the medieval period. All are available to explore, what are you waiting for?


Build a squad and go to war

Basically, this game has two important campaigns, story campaign and real-time. In the first campaign, you will compete against AI opponents in battles of increasing difficulty through levels. Meanwhile, the real-time campaign is the battlefield for you to compete against real players. Before each war, you need to prepare your forces with the best units of soldiers. There are dozens of different unit classes, melee minions, ranged minions, monsters, dragons, and more. In the war, you have full control of the battle by recruiting units to the battlefield. Consider offensive performance for timely and wise decision-making. Your goal is to destroy your opponent’s stronghold and win a well-deserved reward for the winner.

There are three plans that you can deploy in each war, namely attack, defense and retreat. Depending on the battlefield situation, you should have reasonable plans. For example, if the enemy force is weakening, you can launch attacks, recruiting new soldiers to destroy the opponent’s castle. On the contrary, if you are in a weaker position, it is best to retreat to the back of the stronghold to heal or temporarily defend to protect the HP of the castle. Your competitors also have such strategies. But if you know how to take advantage of the enemy’s loopholes and deploy the right plan at the right time, you will have an advantage.


Explore a unique collection of units

So far, Battle Seven Kingdoms Mod has more than 100 different types of units. Each unit has its own characteristics that determine its strength on the battlefield. Some of the main units consist of spearmen, archers, swordsmen, sabers, horses, maybe even wild bears, epic dragons, mages, and more. The further you go, the more new types you will have to unlock. At that time, you can try combining multiple types of units together to increase the damage and defense support. Just click on the unit cards to recruit them to the battlefield.

Besides, from time to time, you need to upgrade your units to gain better power. Furthermore, you can unlock new skills to take advantage of in battle. These skill cards will be arranged in the left corner of the toolbar. They can help you turn the tide in some important situations. Over time, many new maps are also unlocked. It leads you to spooky dungeons, ancient desert battlefields, heavenly kingdoms, jungles, and many other locations.


Classic and realistic design

This game will impress you with its classic design style. It highlights the beauty of the medieval era and every single unit in the game’s collection. The battlefield scene is also described quite realistically. Each battle movement on the battlefield is also quite smooth. The sound is catchy with catchy background music and noises from each action of the fighting. All in all, everything is fine to give you a perfect experience on your phone.

Battle Seven Kingdoms Mod will be the favorite game of strategy enthusiasts. It will be a place where you can compete intellectually and tactically with online multiplayer. Download the game to your computer and start a fight right away. You can recruit soldiers, use skills, and coordinate battle plans as you like.

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