Ben 10 Heroes Mod APK 1.7.1 (Free Shopping)
Ben 10 Heroes Mod APK 1.7.1 (Free Shopping)

Ben 10 Heroes Mod APK 1.7.1 (Free Shopping)

By TT - April 21, 2022
Name LMHMOD Ben 10 Heroes
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Epic Story Interactive
Size 56MB
Version 1.7.1
MOD Features Free Shopping
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Update April 21, 2022 (7 months ago )

If you are bored with modern action games, you can try Ben 10 Heroes Mod to bring back your childhood memories. It is a game adapted from the once-popular Ben 10 movie but changed in gameplay and control for convenient play on phones. It has a turn-based action style combining traditional match-3 puzzles. With such familiar gameplay, it seems that anyone can approach this game. In the game, you will play the funny guy Ben and participate in the journey to save humanity from evil aliens. You can use your wearable to transform into various warriors and solve puzzles to unleash powerful moves. Action and puzzle at the same time to create eye-catching combos on the vertical screen of your phone. Sounds easy, right? But can you conquer all the levels?

Download Ben 10 Heroes Mod – Match-3 puzzle and fight with aliens

The combination of puzzle gameplay and action style is a pretty hot trend lately. But few people know that the Ben 10 Heroes game-born a long time ago brought this combination. It will delight you with the story and visuals inspired by the hit childhood movie. At the same time, it possesses simple but addictive gameplay, along with a fun design and vivid combat effects. Each match in the game is like a colorful party. Your every touch on the screen is pretty cool with eye-catching colors and catchy sounds. Besides, the system of warriors and enemies is super-rich, all taken from the original movie. So come here to meet your favorite aliens again and enjoy their amazing battle combos.


Gather warriors to conquer the wars

The gameplay of the game is really quite simple, anyone can approach it from the first time. Basically, the game will include a level system from easy to difficult, each level is a battle for you to confront many different enemies. You will be the boy Ben with the Omnitrix device picked up by aliens. You will use it to call on mighty alien warriors to conquer evil enemies. In each battle, your job is to solve puzzles to help the heroes launch attacks. Turn after turn, you must have a smart and quick puzzle strategy to create effective battle combos that give you the edge.

You can gather alien warriors into a team of up to 3 people. Each person has their own set of skills, bringing different effects in each move. Therefore, gamers need to understand each person well to use their power strategically. At the same time, try to match many of the same match-3 combos to stimulate special skills like a firestorm, crystal sword, laser beam, stink explosion, and more. If you win, you will have the right to unlock the next level to discover new enemies and landmarks.


Unlock special warriors and skills

Ben 10 Heroes Mod owns dozens of typical characters from the original movie, such as Four Arms, Heatblast, Diamondhead, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, and more. Each has its own beauty in appearance and especially has its own skills with great technical effects. You can gradually unlock new warriors to add to your collection while unlocking each warrior’s special skills. Besides, the upgrade factor is indispensable to improve the strength of the alien warriors and the whole team. Earn experience points to unlock new potentials for them.

Besides the main character, also must mention the super-rich enemy system of the game. You can meet Vilgax, Hex, Dr. Animo, Zombozo, and more through each battle level. They have come here to regain control of the Omnitrix device with the aim of invading the earth. Besides, they will get stronger and stronger with each level. So, don’t be surprised if you meet big bosses on a certain battlefield.


Simple 2D graphics, eye-catching effects

Besides the simple gameplay, the design style of the game is also quite rudimentary. However, the character image described is very sharp and vivid, close to the original version. The moves are also refined with eye-catching effects, plus lively sounds in the touch to match the puzzle on the screen. The background changes flexibly through each stage, highlighting famous landmarks in the original film. Therefore, the battles in the game are increasingly new, inspiring to explore for a long time.


In general, Ben 10 Heroes Mod is a pretty good action game to relax on the phone. The action element has been simplified and replaced with colorful puzzle boards, making it convenient to operate with one hand. However, the battles still retain great appeal with eye-catching combat effects. The warrior system is also very rich, each person has a look that brings diversity to the strategy.

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