Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod APK 10.26.28912 (Unlimited Money/Seeds)
Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod APK 10.26.28912 (Unlimited Money/Seeds)

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod APK 10.26.28912 (Unlimited Money/Seeds)

By TT - November 30, 2022
Name LMHMOD Big Farm: Mobile Harvest
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Goodgame Studios
Size 90MB
Version 10.26.28912
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Seeds
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Update November 30, 2022 (19 hours ago )

If you are looking for an online farm game then try Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod. It will give you a fun and relaxing experience as a real farmer. You can be busy all day with farming, tending the farm, harvesting agricultural products, raising livestock, processing, exporting, trading, and more. Get ready to return to the peaceful countryside and put aside your worries in the city. This is the time for you to get rich with your own hands and maybe become a super-rich farmer. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to connect and interact with many other friends in the Big Farm community. You can visit their farm to learn about experiences and share with each other great agricultural products. Don’t hesitate, go to the fields and reap your bountiful harvest!

Download Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod – Get rich from farming

The farm theme is no longer strange to many mobile gamers. But if you haven’t found a game you like, then I recommend you try Big Farm: Mobile Harvest. This is the place for you to build a colorful farm and harvest hundreds of crops from wheat, potatoes, corn, milk, meat, and more. They are your rich source of income to expand your farm and build your own brand of agricultural products. During the gameplay, you will see everything as in heaven. Pictures are fun and close, sounds are gentle and relaxing. Those are the things you look for in a farm game, right?


Build your dream farm

You have just moved to a rural area through a suggestion from your uncle. Here, you will start to build the farm of your dreams and turn it into the biggest farming area. But first, learn about the agricultural production process from seeding, tending, fertilizing, and watering to harvesting and trading. You need to follow this process, but it’s just tapped to do it. The game always has suggestions for you to get acquainted with farm work. So, heed the hints to be in time for a bountiful season to come.

You will have to buy seeds at the store, then plant the seeds on the available land. Observe the growth of plants and water and fertilize appropriately. There are many different types of plants for you to explore. You can create a separate farming area for wheat, potatoes, corn, pumpkins, flowers, beans, and more. Each type of crop will bring agricultural products of its own value. And if you like livestock, you can build a cow farm and collect milk from them. Cow’s milk is very popular in the city, so you can make cow’s milk and have it shipped there to sell. Make sure all processes in the processing plant are running smoothly to promptly respond to customer needs.


Expanding farms, exporting agricultural products

Initially, Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod only gives you a few options to develop your farm. The number of seeds, land, fertilizer, water … are quite limited. So if you want to expand your farm, you need to play hard. Do not stop sowing seeds to create crops, then harvest, and put them into processing plants. Moreover, let’s promote cattle and poultry farms to collect milk and meat sources. In each different season, be flexible with your production plan. You can choose the right seeds or livestock for spring, summer, or even winter. Develop year-round crops to speed up the harvest and increase production and income.

You can then unlock many new seeds and expand your farm to many different locations. At the same time, you can turn your farm into a tourist destination by decorating it with stone statues, lakes, flower beds, windmills, and more. Other players can visit your farm and be surprised by it. So, play hard to unlock items and make the farm stand out in the eyes of every farmer online.


Lovely and fun graphics

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is designed with a lovely, close cartoon style. Everything is always full of eye-catching colors and immersed in cheerful, gentle music. The images of plants, cattle, poultry, people… are all very vivid. The movements in the game are very smooth, the control mechanism is simple. Therefore, this game will suit the tastes of all players, especially children.

Let’s temporarily put aside the worries and pressures in life and relax with Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod. Come here and build a happy farm full of bountiful fields or a funny dairy farm. You can turn an unspoiled countryside into the biggest farming area. From there build a brand for yourself and earn money to expand and upgrade the farm further.

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