Blade Master Mod APK 0.1.28 (Unlimited Money, Coins)
Blade Master Mod APK 0.1.28 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

Blade Master Mod APK 0.1.28 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

By HN - April 16, 2022
Name LMHMOD Blade Master
Category Arcade
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Gameley
Size 67MB
Version 0.1.28
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Coins
Get It On APK Google Play
Update April 16, 2022 (8 months ago )

There are times in life when you feel stressed, tired, depressed, and don’t want to do anything. Find yourself under heavy stress but don’t know how to relieve it. Lucky for you when coming to MODLH. vn. We have a lot of fun, entertaining games with humorous activities, making you laugh. Guaranteed when playing the game, you will forget all the unhappy things, the piles of documents are too high, etc.. Join Blade Master to enjoy this wonderful moment. Use sharp blades to destroy enemies. The anger, all the unpleasant things you put all on the monsters. Use the move to cut them to destroy the enemy’s corpse. Gameplay has a fairly light capacity, only a few dozen MB, suitable for all current Android phones. Let’s download Blade Master Mod to your device and experience it.

Download Blade Master Mod – Adventure and destroy monsters

Blade Master Mod throws you into a world where players will become warriors who specialize in hunting monsters. Use weapons that are spinning blades to destroy all enemies. When you kill them you will get bonus points. Each child will have their own score. After the match, you can use the points you earn to convert into coins. Use that money to upgrade your weapons and characters. Replenish forces by buying new heroes, increasing combat power. The gameplay has quite simple gameplay, with just one finger you can control the blade to attack the enemy. Move accurately to be able to pierce people and knock them down. In the battle try to kill as many as possible. The player’s efforts and fighting efforts will be rewarded with a worthy amount.

Blade Master mod apk

Dangerous Enemy

The initial levels may not be difficult for gamers. The monsters were small in size, rather weak. With just a few moves, you can destroy them all. The difficulty lies in the following levels. When arriving, players need to keep their spirits up and prepare their weapons to fight. Now you will face bosses that are 10 times larger than the character. Has a great deal of damage, an extremely strong defense.

Blade Master mod hack

If they are in direct confrontation, it is very difficult to defeat them. Because in terms of attack stats, your character’s defense loses all. Use skillful skills, combined with thinking to defeat monsters. Each boss has its own weak point. If you want to defeat them, take the time to learn the information of each type. Knowing where the enemy is weak, attack continuously there. The reward for defeating the boss boss is huge. So try to win.

Warrior System

Dozens of characters with different skills for you to choose from to join the fight. Warriors have a very special origin. The weapons to use in combat are also very unique. For example, Thunder God uses 2 iron maces as weapons. But do not use it to attack the enemy, but will smash 2 maces together to create lightning that deals damage to the enemy. For those of you who are destined for the fire, the character from hell is the best choice. Use very fierce burning flames to attack. Each level will have a challenge, needing the right warrior to fight. That way, you can defeat the bosses easily. Practice daily and learn the information of each warrior. That is an important key to helping you open the gate of glory.

Blade Master mod apk

Various maps

Blade Master Mod has hundreds of different maps for players to choose from. Each land will have a fierce guardian monster. And of course, they are different strains, mutations. The monster’s appearance will change according to the map. But it’s not that the larger the monster, the harder it will be to defeat. There are monster battles with very small appearances but extremely high defense. One of your slashes can only cause them to lose a few health. For the maps that are considered difficult to overcome, you will face monsters such as Scorpions, fire-breathing dragons, evolved centipedes, etc… These are extremely worthy opponents. it’s tough.

Game Blade Master mod

Blade Master is suitable for groups of friends who often play together. Or maybe it’s a colleague working in the same company, a classmate, etc. When you have free time, you can take out your phone and go on a boss hunt together. The gameplay is highly entertaining, with simple but attractive gameplay. I’m sure your mind will be more alert and sharper. To be able to continue to work, study with full energy.

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