Bullet Echo Mod APK 4.6.0 (Unlocked)
Bullet Echo Mod APK 4.6.0 (Unlocked)

Bullet Echo Mod APK 4.6.0 (Unlocked)

By HN - May 1, 2022
Name LMHMOD Bullet Echo
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher ZeptoLab
Size 207MB
Version 4.6.0
MOD Features Unlocked
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Update May 1, 2022 (7 months ago )

Bullet Echo Mod is a role-playing shooting game, belonging to the fighting game genre. The content revolves around the competition between heroes holding guns. They are all online players, though the game’s network connection to participate. Based on the PvP mode provided by the publisher ZeptoLab. You will compete with rivals to find the winner. To increase the experience, open the most attractive battles for all players. The battles take place in many different modes. Along with a diverse hero system. You can choose to play as a powerful hero. More specifically, the gameplay takes place in a dark space. Only when using a flashlight can you light the way ahead. There are many other unique features waiting for you to discover.

Download Bullet Echo Mod – The War Between Heroes In The Map With Limited Vision

Bullet Echo Mod battles take place in PvP online mode. You can assemble a team to participate in combat. Compete with other teams on a large map, taking place in a dark space. Each hero owns a shining flashlight. Can illuminate the way to observe, but is limited to a certain range. However, the sound of moving footsteps and enemy gunfire could be heard. The goal of the heroes in that war is to be the last man standing. To do that, they will have to destroy all enemies. You are no exception, you can only win when you are the last one. Then will receive a lot of valuable loot. Includes medals, bonuses, experience points, and cups.Bullet Echo Mod

Gameplay, collect tools

The process of fighting in the dark space of the game Bullet Echo Mod. The terrain is intricately designed, like a maze. With the appearance of a lot of objects in the way. You need to collect tools to fight. They appear at many different locations on the vast map. For example, after each use of a gun to shoot bullets, attack the enemy. The number of bullets on the ice will decrease gradually. Through collecting magazine icons. Move precisely to stand in the right position for a short time. Then the gun will be loaded with bullets, an unlimited number. It is also possible to increase defense by collecting armor. Or use a first aid item to heal when hit by an enemy. From there, it is possible to increase the survival rate to continue fighting.Ear Bullet Echo Mod

Game modes, skill requirements

Come to Bullet Echo Mod to fight in a dark space with limited visibility. With many different game modes waiting for you to explore. Includes team mode with the team, solo 1vs1, and survival mode with the participation of 5 hero teams. Each mode opens a battle designed with its own gameplay. With different rules and requirements that need to be complied with. The common point between those modes is the competition between online players. They come from many parts of the world. No matter which model you participate in, it requires your personal skill. Use the flashlight to observe the way, and move smartly on complex terrain. Combine listening to surrounding sounds to judge the appearance of enemies. Simultaneously shoot accurately to quickly finish the opponent.Download Bullet Echo Mod

System of Heroes

Bullet Echo Mod’s role-playing game revolves around battles between heroes. Here, the game provides a diverse character system. Includes many different heroes for you to discover. Divided into 4 types. In ascending order from common, rare, epic, mythical, and legendary. Each of them has its own fighting style. Has a very impressive appearance. Expressed through face, hairstyle, and fashion. Their abilities are shown in strength, health, damage, and defense. Over time, you will have to compete with heroes with greater abilities. To be able to face them will have to upgrade their strength. By using gold coins to rise to new levels, increase the stats.Game Bullet Echo Mod

Play as a hero, use guns to participate in the battles of Bullet Echo Mod. Based on gameplay that takes place in real-time. The rivalry between heroes is recreated as extremely dramatic and suspenseful. At the same time on a large map with limited visibility. It will be very difficult to find each other, which means that the conflicts will be quite rare. However, more and more time in a battle. The map area will be gradually narrowed by a circle of fire. If you touch or stand outside the fire circle, you will lose a large amount of blood, even lose your life. Cause the heroes will have to narrow the range of activities, at this time, the attacks take place continuously.

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