Bully Anniversary Edition Mod APK (Unlimited Money)
Bully Anniversary Edition Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Bully Anniversary Edition Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

By TT - March 25, 2022
Name LMHMOD Bully Anniversary Edition
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Rockstar Games
Size 11MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Update March 25, 2022 (8 months ago )

Join the Bully Anniversary Edition Mod and play the role of a naughty high school student. Your task is not to study and train to become the best student in school. On the contrary, you can do anything to annoy your friends, teachers and destroy the reputation of Bull Worth Academy. The game with liberal gameplay allows you to freely act and adventure. You can participate in racing competitions, skateboard racing, ring fights, boxing, and more. Don’t care about the harsh rules in school the way you do in reality. This is the place to release all your anger inside and show it out in real action in the game. However, you can also act like a normal student, study hard, and avoid clashes. The choice is yours and the world is for you to explore and interact with.

Download Bully Anniversary Edition Mod – Action in the free open world

Bully Anniversary Edition is a game released by Rockstar Games, the father of the hit GTA series. It carries the gameplay style of its predecessors but is exploited in a completely new theme. Instead of sending you into wars in the underworld, this time, you’ll become a high school student in a famous academy. But it still brings free adventure gameplay in the open world, allowing gamers to do whatever they want. Act and take responsibility for your actions, that is the basic playing principle. Like GTA games, you have the right to explore every corner of the map and participate in many activities from small to large, deciding the relationships and fate of the character.


Participate in school activities

In the strict school framework, a young Bully is not the obedient type. He opposes unreasonable rules and the way teachers handle school violence. That’s the reason for your experience, who plays as the boy Bully. You will work your way up to show your hubris and satisfy your anger. Don’t hesitate to join any activities from fighting, ring fights, car racing, water gun games, and more. You can play with other friends or have to fight against their opposition.

Through these activities, you will have the opportunity to explore many different places on campus. For example, you can run skateboards on campus, explore the gymnasium, canteen, classrooms, locker rooms, and more. These locations are no different from reality, realistically depicting the school space right on the phone screen. Plus, you won’t be playing alone in Bully Anniversary Edition Mod. You can organize gangs of friends like you and lead large-scale disruptive activities. Learn how to be a trustworthy leader.


The intuitive and flexible control interface

With each activity, the game will provide you with different consoles. It makes it convenient to take action, whether skateboarding, driving, or simply walking. You can easily grasp objects, drive with a third-person perspective, perform a lot of fighting actions when playing in the ring… Thanks to that, the feeling of experience becomes more real and vivid, just like when you play the legendary GTA.


Unique vehicle system

Although not focusing on the racing theme like GTA, Bully Anniversary Edition still gives gamers a lot of interesting choices of vehicles. It includes skateboards, taxis, racing cars, police cars, bicycles, and more. Each will have its own distinctive look and engine characteristics, allowing you to use it in a variety of situations. However, you do not need to pay to own them. Simply rob someone or steal a car on the road and carry out your missions. But pay attention, the police can find you and sometimes, you will be suspended from school.


Explore diverse 3D space

The game world is well described with 3D graphics. It is no different from the GTA game world, a large and colorful open world. The game context includes many different locations in schools, streets, shopping malls, houses, etc. Thus, it allows gamers to go on real adventures to enjoy space or show some disturbances. The activities of the characters in the game are very flexible and smooth. The sound is also pretty good with background music and voiceovers, plus vehicle engine sounds and realistic background noise.

Overall, Bully Anniversary Edition Mod is an attractive 3D game that you should not miss. Although it cannot compare to its predecessors, it still has a different charm and achieves its own achievements. Join the game now and immerse yourself in unique missions as a high schoolboy. Create “beautiful” memories of your school days with your friends, study or mess around as long as you like.

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