Camp Defense Mod APK 1.0.760 (Free Shopping)
Camp Defense Mod APK 1.0.760 (Free Shopping)

Camp Defense Mod APK 1.0.760 (Free Shopping)

By TT - April 8, 2022
Name LMHMOD Camp Defense
Category Strategy
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher stereo7 games
Size 52MB
Version 1.0.760
MOD Features Free Shopping
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Update April 8, 2022 (8 months ago )

Camp Defense Mod is a tower defense game built in a post-apocalyptic setting. You will have to build the perfect hero squad to fight the zombies roaming the city. Choose the strongest ones and upgrade them regularly for better power, and upgrade weapons and vehicles. Strategy is the most important factor to win. You need to know how to combine hero units appropriately, ensuring a balance between attack and defense. The game has more than 1000 levels for you to explore, from easy to difficult. If you pass the level, don’t be too happy because a bigger challenge will soon come to you. With more and more powerful enemies, you must constantly change your squad, plus non-stop upgrading. If you want to win, show your wisdom instead of using your hands to fight anymore.

Download Camp Defense Mod – Face the post-apocalyptic world

The post-apocalyptic theme has become all too familiar to us, but you should try Camp Defense for a new feel. It is not an online shooting game but a popular offline strategy game type. Your mission is to fight zombies with a defensive army with dozens of different character classes.

Gather a team in an old truck and charge into the bloodthirsty zombies ahead. The war will never end if you haven’t actually finished all the zombies. Here, skill is no longer important, because you don’t need to do anything. But you must be a strategist with extensive combat experience, know how to flex the squad, improve strength and arrange and select heroes to optimize defense power. Can you do that?


Build a strategic squad

The world has been ravaged by zombies after an unprecedented crisis. Now, there are only a few survivors who are trying to protect their camp. But they need a strategic commander to operate the defensive wars, that’s you. A squad will include many different warriors, which can be of many classes such as tanker, gunner, archer, support, and more. Each warrior has its own unique ability, with many advantages but many limitations. So it’s the job of a strategic commander to get to know them well, know where they should be in the squad, and how effective they should be.

Besides, the warriors have the ability to support each other. While tankers are aggressive on the battlefield, gunners and mages deal damage from a distance. At that time, each warrior can promote his forte in health or damage, and at the same time support each other to both defend and attack. A perfect squad will need both of these elements to survive. But it always needs to be upgraded from time to time to become more and more powerful. If you win, you will unlock a new war. Besides, Camp Defense Mod gives you the opportunity to own more advanced warriors.


Unlock and upgrade heroes

Many heroes are available in the game for you to discover. The more advanced the heroes, the more powerful they are, but each can be upgraded to infinity. Besides, they will match different types of weapons. You can upgrade your warrior with the right equipment and weapons. Some specialize in rifles, some specialize in cannons, while others specialize in bows or axes…

Besides, gamers can use items to enhance the team’s fighting ability. For example, increase experience points, increase vehicle power, reduce cooldown, increase damage, increase gold after each level, and more. These items are small but have a big impact on the battle not only in terms of defense, and attack but also in your bonuses.


Friendly graphics

Although inspired by a post-apocalyptic theme, Camp Defense is designed with a fairly friendly graphic style, without scenes of gore or excessive violence. Everything is minimalist thanks to the cartoon design. The warrior character has a chibi-like appearance, which is both cute and super cool. Besides, the battlefield context is also quite rich. It changes through each level, from gas stations, restaurants, shops to malls, and more. The combat effects are also quite cool, contributing to the eye-catching and lively battles.


Camp Defense Mod will be a great choice to play on the phone. It has a rather idle gameplay thanks to the shortened operation but still does not lose the attractiveness of the goalkeeper strategy style. You will have the opportunity to explore thousands of exciting levels with increasingly diverse and powerful enemies. Moreover, the rich character system, flexible context, and endless upgrade possibilities will make you excited.

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