Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod APK 1.2.74 (Unlimited Money)
Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod APK 1.2.74 (Unlimited Money)

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod APK 1.2.74 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - May 8, 2022
Name Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS
Version 1.2.74
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 53MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Seven Bulls Games
Update May 8, 2022 (2 months ago )

To recreate the most exciting battles in the Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod game. The developer used 3D graphics. With image sharpness, along with high display quality. Help every player have a realistic perspective. This game is on the action game list. The content revolves around the theme of competitive shooting. The gameplay takes place in the online multiplayer mode. A variety of unique features are offered. You will have the opportunity to explore the diverse map system. Enjoy the match in many different game modes. Same weekly and monthly leaderboard feature. The player with the best performance will have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards. Moreover, learn about a variety of unique combat guns.

Download Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod – Online Multiplayer Shooting War

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod provides a diverse equipment system. Own more than 300 different weapons and tools. Weapon systems are divided into two categories. Long-range attack with combat guns. With so many different types for you to collect. Including sniper rifles, rifles, AK-47 guns, M4A1,… With the advantage of being able to fire bullets to attack from a distance. You easily destroy the enemy as soon as you detect their position in the line of sight. At the same time, it is also possible to equip melee weapons. For example, daggers,… They can be used to assassinate from behind, finishing the enemy in silence. Each weapon has its own attack style. Based on the activities taking place on the battlefield. Using the right weapon will bring high efficiency.Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

There are 4 modes

According to the publisher, Seven Bulls Games provided. Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod game is having 4 different modes. Includes gun game mode, heroes arena, survival, and bomb disposal. Each mode is built with its own style of play. With the required duties, it is necessary to comply. For example, join the fight in survival mode. You will have to destroy all enemies to survive. Be the last man standing on the battlefield to win. Or bomb mode, look for timed bombs in hidden locations. Quickly defuse the bomb so as not to explode. There are a number of other game modes that you will learn when participating. No matter which model you enter, you have to fight. Use the equipped guns to compete with opponents.Download Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

Open gameplay

The battles of Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod are played in open gameplay. Through the first-person perspective, with the advantage of wide viewing. Play as a gunman to engage in real-time combat. Your mission is to compete with other online players. Attack them with a handgun. Quickly shoot down the opponent to raise the score. Moreover, you can assemble a team to compete against another team. Deploy strategy with team members for effective attacks. After the time ends, based on the number of points achieved between the two factions. The side that scores more kills than the opposing side wins. At the same time, the members of that team will receive a large number of bonuses. They can be used to shop and unlock new equipment.Ear Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

Personal skills

During the online battles of Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod. To compete with other players as a shooter. You need to flexibly use many different factors. In addition to accurate shooting skills to quickly finish the enemy. You also have to learn how to defend yourself when in danger. Take advantage of the surrounding terrain to hide. Or move flexibly to dodge fierce attacks from enemies. Combine minimaps to define your current position on the battlefield. Over time, constantly hone and improve your skills. Try to win every match. From there, there is the opportunity to write an individual’s name on the leaderboard. Become a popular shooter, with a remarkable streak of achievements.Game Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod

Currently, Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS Mod owns 8 unique maps. Those are large battlefields, where online competitions take place. Each map is designed with its own terrain. At the same time, they are reproduced as 3D graphics. The surroundings are extremely realistic. At the same time, the movement of the character is very flexible. The first-person perspective will be constantly changing, based on your combat activities. Moreover, the simulated gunfire is very realistic. Thanks to the high-quality sound system.

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