Criminal Case Mod APK 2.39 (Unlimited Energy/Hints)
Criminal Case Mod APK 2.39 (Unlimited Energy/Hints)

Criminal Case Mod APK 2.39 (Unlimited Energy/Hints)

By TT - June 7, 2022
Name LMHMOD Criminal Case
Category Adventure
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Pretty Simple
Size 62MB
Version 2.39
MOD Features Unlimited Energy/Hints
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Update June 7, 2022 (6 months ago )

Criminal Case Mod is an adventure game combined with a criminal puzzle. You will join the game as a detective with the task of uncovering murder cases. You can work with the police force in the city, collect evidence, interrogate suspects, and string together all the clues to find the real culprit. Countless different cases happen in the city with a lot of mysteries surrounding it. And the nature of the cases will be increasingly difficult, requiring your excellent reasoning ability. Besides, over time, you will unlock new locations and thereby have the opportunity to encounter special types of criminals. They are more unpredictable and more professional. So, can you find them to sentence them to life or death?

Download Criminal Case Mod – Become a talented detective

There are not too many criminal games on the market today, which is why Criminal Case is so popular. It has attracted hundreds of millions of players around the world with its special appeal from the simulation of criminal cases. It allows you to become a detective and investigate cases. Therefore, each puzzle stimulates the creativity and curiosity of players. Do you know who is the real killer after the death of a certain girl or boy? How to find fingerprints or any other clues? Questions that fuel the motivation to find, investigate, adventure, and more. Challenge your detective talent with this game now.


Discover unique cases

The game takes place in the city of Grimsborough, a place full of dangerous criminals. You have just been sent here and have the task of working with the police to renovate the city. Your mission is to find the culprits of the cases, convict them and make this city a better place. The game will give you a simple task to start with. It seems easy because you just need to find the fingerprints on the gun left on the scene to identify the killer. But the following tasks will be more challenging when the complexity of the case is pushed up. You need to apply many skills at the same time to solve problems, from observing the scene, collecting clues, investigating the body, and filtering information.

With complex cases, you also need wise strategies to solve. Accordingly, you not only need to investigate the scene, but also interrogate the suspects. From the scope of the scene, you should know how to localize the crime. Then, hold interrogation sessions to gather more information. Also, pay attention to the key features that point to the perpetrator. For example, is the perpetrator left- or right-handed, is the perpetrator male or female, a stranger or a relative of the victim…? Besides, ask wise questions to gather as much information as possible. Moreover, you should pay attention to the suspect’s attitude to raise questions about them.


Unlock new locations

Over time, Criminal Case Mod will lead you to new cases taking place in new locations. From there, you will have the opportunity to adventure through many unique areas and have new experiences every day. The crime scene could be anywhere from a bathroom to a bedroom, in a row of poor motels, on a deserted street in a small town, and more. Each place will have its own characteristics in the arrangement of objects, the nature of the case, and the population … Therefore, the investigation process is also different, requiring your flexibility in problem-solving.

Thanks to that, the plot and context of the game are also more and more diverse. It gives you many new inspirations to keep playing and even play again and again. Difficult puzzles will require more time to solve. Moreover, they also lead to unsolved mysteries, new perpetrators, and more involvement in each case. Since then, your detective ability has also improved day by day, from amateur to expert.


Vivid and detailed 2D design

The stories in the game are designed quite detailed and vivid on the 2D background. Each case will be described through pictures in which you can see many randomly arranged objects. Each item hides important mysteries. By collecting them, you will get more clues to the case. Over time, the game context becomes more and more new and diverse. It opens up a realistic virtual world for you to explore and adventure endlessly. Moreover, the catchy background music also adds drama to the investigation process.


Do not hesitate to explore Criminal Case Mod and try your hand at being a detective. Many mysterious cases are waiting for you to solve to bring the real culprit to face the law. Use your skills of analysis, speculation, and synthesis to draw conclusions from the string of clues you gather. Here’s how to train your detective skills.

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