CrossFire: Legends Mod APK (Wallhack)
CrossFire: Legends Mod APK (Wallhack)

CrossFire: Legends Mod APK (Wallhack)

By HN - April 30, 2022
Name LMHMOD CrossFire: Legends
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.0
Publisher Level Infinite
Size 29MB
MOD Features Wallhack
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Update April 30, 2022 (7 months ago )

Following the predecessor version on the PC platform. CrossFire: Legends Mod game has been designed to be suitable for mobile devices. With new features and functions for all players to experience in the smoothest and most attractive way. The game is played with high intensity, fast-paced. The graphics are reproduced in 3D. Completely new image quality, more vivid than the PC version. In terms of gameplay, it is a combination of two factors. Action and shooting on the vast battlefield. Open fierce battles in many different modes. In particular, the competition takes place with the participation of online players. At the same time, you will be provided with a diverse arsenal of weapons. Can be used to fight in your own style.

Download CrossFire: Legends Mod – Online Competitive Shooting War

Play as a gunman to participate in the battles of CrossFire: Legends Mod. Through different modes to compete with other online shooters. They come from all over the world. From the first perspective, with the advantage of easy observation. Along with open gameplay, happening in real-time. Can move freely on the battlefield. Your mission is to destroy the enemy to survive. Safely survive until the battle is over. By using flexible combat skills. Quick observation to detect the enemy’s position. As well as improving reflexes to handle dangerous situations. Can take advantage of the surrounding terrain to hide. At the same time, constantly improve skills, and shoot accurately to quickly destroy enemies.Download CrossFire- Legends Mod

Mutant Mode

Come to the mutant mode of the action game CrossFire: Legends Mod. Based on the classic storyline built from the PC version. Open war between two factions with the participation of many players. The system will randomly arrange to create a human faction and a mutant faction. The mission of the human faction using the equipped weapon. Attack and destroy all mutant forces to end the battle. On the contrary, the mutant faction will have to find ways to spread the virus. Infect the human side to complete the mission. After the battle is over, based on the achievements achieved between the two factions. Which faction has superior performance, means a higher score. From there will win, the members of that faction will receive bonuses.Game CrossFire- Legends Mod

Team Deathmatch mode

In addition to the mutant mode, with competition between the human faction and the mutant faction. You can also join CrossFire: Legends Mod’s Team Deathmatch mode. The gameplay takes place in real-time. Mission to destroy enough required number in a limited time. Here, you will fight with other online shooters. Can join them to deploy strategies to attack effectively. Quickly destroy all enemies before time runs out to win. Moreover, it is possible for them to enter the Bot Battle mode. Go on a mission to fight dangerous robots. They are equipped with advanced weapon systems. Also attack furiously with the goal of killing your side. Use equipped weapons, and coordinate with teammates. From there it is possible to destroy the robots.CrossFire- Legends Mod

Battle Royale mode

CrossFire: Legends Mod’s Battle Royale mode opens many exciting matches. To become the champion in this royal mode. You need to possess flexible skills to be able to survive until the war is over. A series of different matches are waiting for you to participate. Includes duo, solo, squad battle, sandstorm escape, and search for supplies. Especially can come with an attractive survival match. Parachute from the air into a large arena. Then search for equipment, and collect weapons. Fight with friends or other players. Destroy all enemies in the arena to be the last one to survive. From there will become the champion, and win with excellent performance. At the same time get a large number of bonuses.CrossFire- Legends Mod

Weapons are an indispensable element in the battles of CrossFire: Legends Mod. The game offers a diverse weapon system to explore. Includes a lot of different guns, and melee weapons. It also provides support weapons. Each gun has its own attack style. For example, rifles with high mobility will be effective when facing many enemies. Or sniper rifles that can aim accurately from long distances. Easily hit enemies to destroy. Besides, it is also possible to use grenades to support the attack. With the ability to create wide area damage in a certain range.

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