Legend of Heroes Mod APK 0.6.2 (Bot Can’t Attack)
Legend of Heroes Mod APK 0.6.2 (Bot Can’t Attack)

Legend of Heroes Mod APK 0.6.2 (Bot Can’t Attack)

By TT - May 30, 2022
Name LMHMOD Legend of Heroes
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Trèfle & Co. Game
Size 142MB
Version 0.6.2
MOD Features Bot Can't Attack
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 30, 2022 (6 months ago )

Legend of Heroes Mod is an exciting action game with idle yet addictive fighting mechanics. There, you will become a hero and carry out a mission against the forces of darkness. Choose from 9 available heroes with unique skill sets to get started. Enjoy the eye-catching hacks and slashes on the screen and see the combat effects that could not be more attractive. Your journey will span dozens of levels, allowing you to encounter many enemies and discover the power of your hero. But the escalating challenge requires your constant progress. Look for useful items and equipment to improve your combat ability, towards tougher challenges and more victories in the future. Are you ready to start? Levels with fiery battlefields are waiting for you to explore.

Download Legend of Heroes Mod – Roleplay and fight like a hero

Your quest to be humanity’s hero finds you again in Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D. It gives you the chance to join the adventure journey and fight like a warrior. Your enemies can be anyone, from strange creatures, beasts, demons, ultimate magicians, and more. But you have many ways to respond to them with the hero’s own skills and powerful moves.

Your job is to move them logically and upgrade them non-stop. Moreover, choose your favorite hero to enjoy a worthwhile journey. Archer, swordsman, mage, warrior, or more, what’s your favorite genre? Find out their strengths and fully exploit them to your advantage. Winning gives you attractive rewards and also titles. But the best thing is the feeling on the battlefield with eye-catching effects and realistic design.


Exciting idle action mechanics

Although Legend of Heroes MOD is an action game, everything is quite simple to approach in this game. There is no need for you to learn the hero’s super moves because they will automatically attack. You just use the joystick to control the hero to move in different directions. Do this wisely to help the hero dodge attacks from enemies and deal precise damage to the target. Strategy is more important than skill in this game, but you need both to get the edge in every fight. Your enemies will get stronger and stronger as you level up. But you also have many opportunities to upgrade your hero.

Level after level, you need to kill all the enemies to expand your journey. If you fail, rest assured because you can start over from the loss without returning to the starting position. Besides, you will collect gold coins after each battle. At the same time, the game will give you several options to upgrade before entering the new war. You need to consider the battlefield situation to make a reasonable choice. You can choose the ability to increase damage or heal or many other great upgrade cards.


Upgrade your hero to face new enemies

The upgrade options between levels in Legend of Heroes Mod are temporary. You need to upgrade the hero with many types of equipment to bring lasting effect in the endless battle journey. Accordingly, your hero has up to 6 equipment slots to add. You can add weapons, armor, rings, boosters, and more. Each type of hero will match different types of equipment. Therefore, you need to learn well about each character and make appropriate choices about the layout of the equipment.

Furthermore, by fighting, the character will gain experience points to gain higher levels over time. Then, along with the equipment, the hero will have improved basic stats such as damage, defense, healing, HP, and more. In particular, you will notice a significant improvement in the form of attack. Your hero can attack multi-target, fast, continuous and decisive. Then, he will be ready to conquer all enemies, including the big Boss.


Simple design, vivid effects

As an action game, the game will surprise you with hot and thrilling battles. They are described very vividly on the 3D graphics platform. Although everything is quite simple, the images are also quite realistic, the movement is smooth, and the combat effects are very eye-catching. Each hero with its own appearance and skills will leave you with many impressions. And not to mention the background music element, it makes your battles with the Boss become busier than ever.


Don’t miss Legend of Heroes Mod if you love the idle but thrilling action. Everything is quite simple from gameplay to the plot, images, and more. But the game is also attractive enough to attract millions of gamers on mobile. So maybe you should try it too. You can be caught up in the endless voyeuristic wars on the screen.

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