DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Mod APK 2.21.11 (Unlimited Ammo/Ammo, Health)
DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Mod APK 2.21.11 (Unlimited Ammo/Ammo, Health)

DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Mod APK 2.21.11 (Unlimited Ammo/Ammo, Health)

By HN - March 17, 2022
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Requires Android 4.4
Size 115MB
Version 2.21.11
MOD Features Unlimited Ammo/Ammo, Health
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Update March 17, 2022 (9 months ago )

Did you ever think that? Will there be a day when the world will be dominated by the forces of darkness? In reality, this is probably unlikely to happen, and people can’t even imagine the prospect of the future. But in DEAD WARFARE: Zombie will open the future perspective of the world in the coming years. In times of turmoil, the whole world is being ruled by monsters. You play as an MPS 16 soldier fighting against the enemy. Those monsters are wreaking havoc on the human world. Objects, houses, farms, shops, etc… Everything was destroyed by them. What’s more, monsters are constantly spawning new species. The number is constantly increasing, constantly attacking big cities. With the help of modern combat weapons, his comrades. Please bring a peaceful life back to the people.

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DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Mod has quite simple gameplay. With just a few games, you can get used to the gameplay. But to explore all the game modes, the features in the game. It takes a long time to do that. Diverse combat weapons, many different guns for you to choose from. Aim accurately at the target and shoot to destroy them. Try to shoot them the head of the monster will be killed faster. If you use weapons with great destructive power such as 3Z, Kart98, etc. With just one shot of the trigger, you can defeat the enemy. Through the battles, your enemies will grow stronger and more numerous. Upgrade weapons or buy new ones. The war will take place on a much larger scale, much more fierce. The amount of ammo in the game is limited. So please aim accurately so as not to waste bullets pointlessly.

DEAD WARFARE Zombie mod apk

Team play mode

DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Mod allows you to create a team with the participation of 4 other players. It’s great that you can invite your friends and relatives to join the fight. Resist attacks of zombies and undead. The special thing in the game is that between teammates can be changed. Experience characters you don’t have. If you are looking to buy a certain character. Then invite your friends in and change to be able to experience. See the strengths and weaknesses of the character you want to buy. It’s not too late to make a decision. Build battle tactics, turn virtual to win easier. The outcome of the match depends on your formation.

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Armory and Characters

Weapons and characters in the game are designed quite uniquely and fancy. This is also gameplay that works on a high FPS background. There are 2 main types of characters for you to choose from. There are male characters and female characters. Each type has many other characters. Harry, Michael, Shayne, Andrew, are the characters when you first enter the game you can choose. When up some higher levels. Having more gold coins, you can buy high-class characters with terrible attack power. Josh, Aaron, Tyler, Gloria, are names for you to choose from. Summon the character’s soul, control it at your disposal. Combat weapons are more diverse than the characters in the game. But I can’t go into detail in this article. This will reduce the attractiveness of the game. Minigun, M14 EBR, M202 Flash, are the guns that are loved by many people. Has attack power, high stability.

DEAD WARFARE Zombie game mod

Level up

You need to improve your weapons, your character over time. When the number of monsters has increased, if there is no suitable weapon, enough power. It will be very difficult to destroy them. DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Mod has an upgrade function for you to develop your weapon more powerful. When upgrading weapons. You need to pay attention to stats such as Rate of fire, ability to change ammo, damage, etc… These are all important parameters that determine whether your gun is stronger or not. As for the character, blood and armor are the two most important factors. The higher these 2 quantities, the stronger your character is.

DEAD WARFARE Zombie mod apk

The battles will become more dramatic and attractive when playing the game in PvP mode. The difficulty will be much higher. Invite your friends to join the battle. It’s much stronger when fighting alone. The number of enemies is constantly increasing, they are constantly coming to attack you. If not quickly defeat them. Then you will very easily accept failure, heavy losses. Download DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Mod to clear all the chaotic wars in the world.

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