Dino Tamers Mod APK 2.13 (Free Craft, Research)
Dino Tamers Mod APK 2.13 (Free Craft, Research)

Dino Tamers Mod APK 2.13 (Free Craft, Research)

By HN - April 20, 2022
Name LMHMOD Dino Tamers - Jurassic Riding MMO
Category Adventure
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Foxie Ventures
Size 88MB
Version 2.13
MOD Features Free Craft, Research
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Update April 20, 2022 (7 months ago )

Explore the Jurassic world in the adventure game Dino Tamers Mod. With a variety of activities waiting for you to experience. The gameplay revolves around the story of humanity’s last hope. Now, humans will have to live with prehistoric dinosaurs. There is no other choice but to fight for survival. You will have to find ways to survive in a world full of dangers. Simultaneously through online multiplayer mode. There will be a chance to make friends with other players. You can team up with them to conquer challenges together. Overcoming the harsh environmental conditions of wild nature. Moreover, you can also build your own base. Used to hide and perform various development activities.

Download Dino Tamers Mod – Survive in the Harsh Jurassic Environments

The setting of Dino Tamers Mod opens in a large world. With online multiplayer mode. Role-play as a character in the game to start the adventure. Your mission is to survive in a harsh world. Compete with other players in epic dinosaur battles. Win convincingly for valuable rewards. By being the last survivor of the battle. From there will collect a lot of survival items. They can be used for self-development. Based on the open gameplay, you can also move freely. Feel free to explore everything in the vast primeval forest. Also, get to meet other online players. Fight with them or form alliances to overcome extreme environmental conditions.Game Dino Tamers Mod

Various quests, using items

The mission system of Dino Tamers Mod is very diverse. With a variety of different tasks, you need to perform. Collect resources at various locations in the forest. Accumulate resources of stone and gold to build. Or use it to create items and equip characters. Along with that, based on the time the activity takes place. Health will be depleted gradually, you need to be careful to use food when needed. Restore health to have energy, and continue survival activities. Besides, the character’s health will decrease with each dinosaur battle. When the blood is exhausted, the character will lose his life. That means you will have to wait a short time to respawn. Don’t let that happen, it is possible to use a first aid item that is made to heal.Tai Dino Tamers Mod

Hunt dinosaurs or tame

During the survival activities in Dino Tamers Mod. You will ride on a dinosaur to perform missions. At the same time, you can turn yourself into a dinosaur hunter. By attacking other dinosaurs. Destroy them with the versatile skill of a hunter. Take advantage of the surrounding trees and vegetation to hide. Quickly attack to take down the prey. From there will collect a lot of valuable resources. However, the level of danger is also very high. You can lose your life if you accidentally attack the fierce dinosaurs. Besides, it is possible to tame dinosaurs to make them a companion. Then use items that are crafted to personalize. Improve combat ability to increase the power of mounts.Download Dino Tamers Mod

Lots of dinosaurs

At the vast primeval forest of Dino Tamers Mod. There are many different species of dinosaurs. They are all prehistoric reptiles, which appeared during the Jurassic period. Maybe next to some species such as tyrannosaurs, long-necked dinosaurs, and flying dinosaurs. There are even giant sharks, known as the king of the sea. Each dinosaur species is designed with a very realistic appearance. Their ability is shown through strength and movement speed. At the same time, you can study the DNA of each dinosaur species. Then use the collected resources to evolve them to new levels. From there can unlock new abilities. It is even possible to turn dinosaurs into dragons. With the ability to fly freely in the vast sky.Dino Tamers Mod

In addition to the dinosaur fighting activities that take place at Dino Tamers Mod. You also have to build facilities and create buildings. By using resources such as stone, and gold to build a base. Help characters and dinosaurs have places to rest. Rejuvenate after fierce survival battles. Moreover, it is possible to build an evolution center. Used to upgrade dinosaurs. There are many other projects waiting for you to discover. Each project plays its own important role. Store resources to build each building in turn. Gradually, you will create a large territory of your own.

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