Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod APK 3.8.10 (Skill Hack, Freeze)
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod APK 3.8.10 (Skill Hack, Freeze)

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod APK 3.8.10 (Skill Hack, Freeze)

By TT - April 23, 2022
Name Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
Version 3.8.10
MOD Features Skill Hack, Freeze
Size 200MB
Requires Android 4.0
Category Strategy
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher PerBlue Entertainment
Update April 23, 2022 (2 months ago )

Get ready to join Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod where battles begin in the Disney animated world. You will meet typical characters from many famous movies and accompany them on many fiery battlefields. The alien army begins their journey to earth with a plot to invade this world. You need to gather powerful heroes and repel all attacks together. Match heroes together in your strategic formation, such as the snow princess Elsa, the superhero family, the fantasy boat Jack, Aladdin, and more. Each has their own skills that are inspired by the original movie. So you will have a chance to enjoy impressive skill shows with eye-catching effects. This is an immersive RPG experience where you have to show off your cunning. Don’t hesitate to do it now.

Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod – Immerse yourself in the Disney world

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode will take you on a time travel to the past and meet typical cartoon characters. But this time, you are not only a viewer, but will officially play the character and fight with them for the righteous mission. Protect the earth from the invasion of the alien army and Disney heroes have been infected with a strange virus. Form a strategic formation of your favorite heroes, upgrade them, and explore the many outstanding 2D battlefields in the game. An endless combat mission system is waiting for you to explore.


Exciting turn-based battles

In terms of gameplay, this game has an RPG style that combines classic turn-based combat. You must have encountered this type of gameplay in many other games. So getting to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode doesn’t take too long. You will choose the available characters and put them into the squad, then join the battle with the enemy Creeps. In the beginning, you only have a few simple options. But later on, you can unlock more characters or upgrade old heroes to discover new power thresholds.

Gamers will play according to the level system from easy to difficult. In the beginning, it is quite easy to overcome when your enemies are weak and few. But then you can meet powerful bosses and also infected superheroes. They could be Bogo, Mr. Incredible, and more. The increased difficulty requires your upgrade in both strategy and experience. You need to change your squad with new picks, and add appropriate equipment and unique support items at the shop. Each battle will bring you to many different battlefield contexts. There, you need strategic flexibility to confront many strange enemies.


Discover and upgrade over 100 heroes

Currently, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod owns a collection of more than 100 famous characters, while there were only more than 15 characters at the time of release. It can be seen that the game has had significant upgrades and additions, giving gamers more opportunities to explore. Each hero will have their own skills but can combine and support each other when standing in the same squad. It can be an interesting combination of speed, energy, magic, health, and more. Thanks to that, you can form the perfect squad with all the elements to defend and attack.

Besides, gamers can upgrade the strength of the squad over time by upgrading each hero in it. Each hero can be upgraded to a limited number of stars to become more and more perfect. During the match, they will continuously attack the opponent until the energy bar is full, and special skills will be unleashed. The higher the level, the more powerful this skill is, giving a terrible effect to remove large amounts of enemy HP. If there are more equipment and weapons, the more heroes show their invincible power.


Eye-catching, vivid combat effects

Although not possessing 3D graphics, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is still depicted vividly with a colorful 2D style. The hero’s appearance is designed like the original version, plus unique skill effects. In battle, these effects accentuate each action and combat, creating a fiery battlefield before the player’s eyes. Moreover, the sound from the skills is also very lively, contributing significantly to inspiring gamers.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod is constantly being updated with a collection of heroes and battlefield scenarios. In addition, the game store is also increasingly rich with items of equipment, weapons, skins, and more. Go there and explore them all, sifting through the necessary items and adding to your squad. Choose the type of character you like, anyone can be a hero and fight for your goal.

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