Drag Battle 2 Mod APK 0.99.16 (Get Free Rewards)
Drag Battle 2 Mod APK 0.99.16 (Get Free Rewards)

Drag Battle 2 Mod APK 0.99.16 (Get Free Rewards)

By HN - May 1, 2022
Name Drag Battle 2: Race World
Version 0.99.42
MOD Features Get Free Rewards
Size 165MB
Requires Android 7.0
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher Ice Storm
Update May 1, 2022 (2 months ago )

Drag Battle 2 Mod opens up dramatic speed races. You become a racer, cum repairman. You can customize your racing car in your own style. Then participate in competitive 1vs1 races. The game belongs to the racing game genre. Designed in a completely new style. With simple content, but brings moments of tension. Besides, you can race in story mode. Or try your hand at other players through the online mode. At the same time will enjoy vivid 3D graphics. Enjoy the realistic sound of the car engine when operating and accelerating. To increase the experience, help players have a more realistic racing feeling. The publisher has designed the control mechanism in an intuitive way.

Download Drag Battle 2 Mod – Dramatic 1vs1 Competitive Online Race

The car races in Drag Battle 2 Mod are held in the form of a 1vs1 competition. Your opponents are online racers, they come from all over the world. After designing and customizing racing cars in the garage. You will start the race with a random opponent search system. Compare the performance of the car on a straight track. No obstacles, rugged terrain like other racing games. There are also no sharp, dangerous turns. You and your opponent will increase their maximum speed as soon as the race starts. The first person to reach the finish line wins. Get cool rewards like coins, boosters, and upgrade parts cards. Then you can continue to participate in new races. Meet and compete with other racers to show off your racing abilities.Game Drag Battle 2 Mod

Racing process, using N2O

The gameplay of Drag Battle 2 Mod takes place in real-time. In competitive races on straight lines. Besides the performance of racing cars is customized and upgraded. Need to further combine your driving skills. Before speeding up, you can press the accelerator to increase rpm. Help the car accelerate faster, as soon as the starting time counts down from 3 to 0. Besides, if you design a racing car with a manual transmission. There must also be a combination of rpm and speed to change gears flexibly and appropriately. Helping the car to reach maximum speed in the shortest time possible. At the same time, N2O energy can be used to help the vehicle operate more powerfully. That will increase the win rate higher. However, N2O bottles can only be used for a limited time. So it needs to be carefully considered to be able to achieve high efficiency.Download Drag Battle 2 Mod

Customization and car design

As a mechanic, you can customize many parts to increase the performance of your racing car. Through the garage of Drag Battle, 2 Mod can adjust everything. From the suspension to the tire pressure. The amount of injection of N2O, transmission types such as 4-wheel full-time or 2-wheel drive. Design manual transmission or automatic transmission. At the same time, it is possible to replace spare parts and components for better vehicle performance. Moreover, you can also design the exterior of the car in your own style. Not duplicated with any other racing car in competitive races. For example, choose a glossy paint color, capable of reflecting on the road surface. Matte black paint to create a bold, powerful look. Use the options provided by the system to design your racing car to your liking.Tai Drag Battle 2 Mod

Lots of different racing cars

Drag Battle 2 Mod owns a diverse racing system. Including Axela, Golf, E30, Civic, SX240, GT86, Cobra, RCZ, etc. Many other unique models will be discovered when participating. Each racing car is designed based on real-life models. There are different designs and exteriors. Once owned, you can customize and design as desired. However, to own the car you love. Will need to use the money to buy. Experiencing previous competitive races. After accumulating enough money, you can unlock a favorite car. Then use to participate in the next race. You will feel more excited and motivated. Unlock each car in turn, gradually you will own a rich collection of racing cars.Drag Battle 2 Mod

The graphics of Drag Battle 2 Mod are highly appreciated. The environment and context in the races are shown very realistically. The shaping of cars is inspired by reality. Vivid image quality, meticulously polished. In particular, the sound of the game is reproduced very impressively. The sound of the engine roaring every time the gas is pressed, the sound of the wheels drifting as soon as the car comes from a stop. At the same time, the sound will be changed according to each rpm and speed when on the road. Make you feel like you are operating a real car.

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