Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK 1.1.8 (Menu, FREE SHOP -999999, Speed)
Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK 1.1.8 (Menu, FREE SHOP -999999, Speed)

Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK 1.1.8 (Menu, FREE SHOP -999999, Speed)

By TT - May 27, 2022
Name LMHMOD Dragon Hills 2
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Rebel Twins
Size 82MB
Version 1.1.8
MOD Features Menu, FREE SHOP -999999, Speed
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 27, 2022 (6 months ago )

Dragon Hills 2 Mod is a fast-paced action game inspired by the zombie theme. But it’s different from any pure survival game, it offers zombie-killing fun like never before. You will play the role of a princess riding a dragon, whose mission is to destroy zombies to bring peace to the world. Just click on the screen to control the dragon, but the appeal of this gameplay is not small. You need to show your flexibility in manipulations to take advantage of the fire dragon’s power. Let it dive to the ground then step up and destroy everything in the dragon’s path. No need to resort to bombs, guns, or rockets to kill enemies. You have the sacred dragon and possess the power of a dragon master. Wipe out the zombies in each level and collect bonuses and items to upgrade, thereby progressing further on your journey.

Download Dragon Hills 2 Mod – Endless war between a fire dragon and zombies

After the war with the dark forces, the princess and the fire dragon were awakened again by the zombies pandemic. The world is in danger as zombies swarm over cities, from roads, bridges, buildings, and even the sky in helicopters. It’s time to wipe them out of the human world. And you will accompany the princess to do it. That’s what happens in Dragon Hills 2 and it will keep you hooked for hours. The zombie theme is once again exploited in the game, but with an element of fun rather than horror. With simple gameplay and friendly design, this game will surely cause sympathy for many players. If you also love it, download the game right away to your phone and fight.


Explore tons of fun levels

Basically, your journey with the princess and the fire dragon will take place according to a level system, from the most basic to more complex and difficult over time. Your task in each level is to destroy all zombies, especially the final boss at the end of each level. Along the way, you also need to collect gold coins, which are valuable loot for later upgrades. However, do not forget your main mission. Control the fire dragon wisely to terrify the zombies. They are not just ordinary zombies. Sometimes, they are equipped with guns, saws, carts, trucks, paint cans, bombs, mines, and dozens of other advanced weapons.

But you just need to click on the screen to fight, that’s simple, isn’t it? You just need to click and hold your hand to let the dragonfly to the ground, then release your hand to make it perform a spectacular high jump. After that, the dragon will land again and destroy everything in its path. So, your task is to click and release your hand at the right time to let the fire dragon unleash its full power. It can spew flames and multiple streams of bullets on its target, but you need to steer it in the right direction to deal maximum damage to enemies. Besides, dodge attacks from zombies to protect the dragon’s HP. And pay attention, do not dive into the ground for too long, or your dragon will die, unfortunately.


Upgrade dragons, unlock maps

The challenge of Dragon Hills 2 Mod will become more and more fierce when the number of zombies is increasingly crowded and powerful. So you can’t forget the upgrade factor. Level up your dragon, improve its appearance, and add equipment and items to improve its strength. With better power, dragons can fly faster, jump higher and deal more damage. Thus, you will gain the advantage in the endless journey of the war with the hateful zombies.

That journey will take you through many places, explore many maps and enjoy the beauty of the landscape in each location. Specifically, the game has up to 4 different maps, including cities, deserts, volcanoes, and the land of classic Egypt. Each place has a unique beauty and has its own enemy system. Therefore, you will need your own strategies to conquer each map. Make an effort to race for achievements on the leaderboard. Many attractive rewards are always waiting for the worthy.


Bright, colorful graphics

Despite carrying a zombie theme, the game retains a friendly and bright beauty. That is thanks to the graphic design with 2D style. It depicts characters with a funny appearance, reducing the violence and horror often found in action games in a post-apocalyptic setting. Besides, with colorful colors, the game scene appears clear and bright, creating a comfortable feeling every time you play. In particular, the combat effect is very eye-catching. Fierce explosions, gunfire, falling bombs, and fire-breathing effects… are all great.

If you are looking for something new in the survival theme, perhaps Dragon Hills 2 Mod will satisfy you. Put the classic shooting wars aside and try the exciting action levels of this game. You can ride a fire dragon and kill zombies with high jumps. The battle journey will lead you to unprecedented adventure, meet terrible bosses and discover a series of amazing treasures.

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