DragonVale Mod APK 4.26.3 (Shopping, Unlimited Money)
DragonVale Mod APK 4.26.3 (Shopping, Unlimited Money)

DragonVale Mod APK 4.26.3 (Shopping, Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 31, 2022
Name LMHMOD DragonVale
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Deca Games
Size 94MB
Version 4.26.3
MOD Features Shopping, Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 31, 2022 (6 months ago )

If you love the dragon training theme, join the DragonVale Mod game. It is a lovely simulation game that brings hundreds of magical dragon species and allows you to breed dragons on your island. Your mission is to collect dragon eggs, feed them, upgrade and watch them grow daily. Dragons with different backgrounds and living characteristics need to be kept in separate areas. So if you have a lot of dragons, you will have to expand the island and further upgrade the habitat for this creature. Do not hesitate to join the game and become the master of dragon farm. You can interact with other players by joining online communities, sharing items, or participating in dragon races to hunt for rewards. A series of exciting events will be organized to immerse you in great entertainment moments here. (The Toan)

Download DragonVale Mod – Dragon farming simulator game on your phone

DragonVale will make you once again doubt about dragon legend – a mysterious and powerful creature. But it’s real in this game, and you can interact with them your way. The game gives gamers a valuable opportunity to own a huge dragon farm and a series of attractive rewards. Not only can you see the beautiful appearances of various dragons, but you can actually become their nanny.

Take care, hatch eggs, breed, and more to build the dragon island of your dreams. Simply touch the screen to do it. Simple and idle gameplay is also the addictive element of this game. Besides, with colorful and friendly graphic design, the game also has great appeal to many gamers, including children. Download the game to your phone to immerse yourself in the colorful space and listen to the catchy sounds during your adventure on dragon island.


Build and develop dragon island

The game offers a collection of over 500 mythical dragons to unlock on your island. But everything is not available from the beginning, you need to go on many adventures to do quests and search for dragon eggs. With dragon eggs, you will need to hatch them to hatch baby dragons. After many upgrades, they will continue to grow in shape and strength. Until they reach the adult level, you will see how great they are with their brilliant outfits and powerful powers. Once there, you can send adult dragons on quests or participate in online races. They can bring back to the island other wonderful eggs, or simply gems and gold coins for you to upgrade the island and expand the dragon world.

Besides, in DragonVale Mod, you can perform crossbreeding between many dragon species. As long as two dragons are parents (maybe different species), you can create a new dragon species. But depending on your luck, baby dragons can be a new rare species or just an ordinary species. However, every dragon species has its own characteristics, which make up the diversity in your dragon ecosystem. Play hard to earn gems, which will speed up the incubation process. From there, you can relax to wait for new dragon species to be formed.


Upgrade and design the island

Don’t miss out on decorating your dragon island. Remember, each different dragon breed will need to be raised and inhabited in separate areas. Dragon species will be divided into several classes, such as Fire, Water, Earth, Ice, Metal, Wind, and more. Each species will adapt to its own unique habitat and thrive only when nurtured properly. So place separate areas on your dragon island, and constantly upgrade them with beautiful decorations. Over time, as the number of dragons increases, you also need to consider expanding the island.


Fun online events

To create connections between players in DragonVale’s community, the game has organized dozens of events to explore. You can team up with friends in the Breeding Cave to share knowledge and experience of raising dragons. Besides, people in the group can share and give gems to each other. Each player can also visit the dragon island of the rest, take photos and share with more friends. Besides, don’t miss the dragon race, where you will send the most powerful dragons to quest and hunt for rewards.

Your dream of raising legendary dragons is no longer a pipe dream in DragonVale Mod. It is really addictive with simple gameplay and lovely graphic style. You can enjoy the process of raising dragons idle on the screen, can design the island yourself, take care of the dragon and do everything for the development of the island. What was more amazing?

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