Dungeon Survival Mod APK 1.67 (Unlimited Money)
Dungeon Survival Mod APK 1.67 (Unlimited Money)

Dungeon Survival Mod APK 1.67 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 8, 2022
Name LMHMOD Dungeon Survival
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Frozen Frog
Size 56MB
Version 1.67
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Update May 8, 2022 (7 months ago )

A new journey has begun in Dungeon Survival Mod, where you accompany heroes in endless dungeon wars. There, you need to summon heroic warriors with distinct advantages into a 4-man squad and bring them into the battlefield. They and your strategy will go together to conquer a series of enemies from the shadows. Every place you go, the light will shine and unlock a series of mysteries that have never been revealed. But to go that far, you need to know how to flex your strategy. Consider the right characters, upgrade the squad, and look for support items. Great rewards always come after hard battles, do you deserve them? Don’t hesitate to try and find the answer. It’s time to write a new story with new achievements and lots of fun.

Download Dungeon Survival Mod – Survive the dungeon and become a master

Dungeon Survival is designed on a unique 2D graphics platform and a minimalist control interface. Do these things lose the appeal of strategy RPGs? Not at all, on the contrary, it also reminds us of old games with 8-bit or 16-bit graphics that were very popular before. So looking at this experience, you will love its classic beauty instead of complaining about the low quality.

Moreover, with that comes a well-organized storyline, typical turn-based action gameplay, and an extremely rich character system. That much is enough to make up for your great experience in the dungeon world. Increasingly diverse and powerful enemies will challenge both your experience and strategy. Do not be surprised by the shape of the enemy, which can be terrible Bosses.


Endless battle journey with great rewards

The game context begins with the troubles in the border town of Black Haze, a place with rich mineral resources. Its period of prosperity passed and many problems were left unresolved. Good and evil intertwine, causing many wars and the development of dark dungeon forces deep in the earth. This time, the ancient land needs someone to maintain the necessary balance to bring light back once more. That’s you, a strategist with a mission to fight the darkness of the dungeon and revive the wealth of the town. So your journey is started, has a beginning but seems to have no end.

That journey will go through many challenges according to the level system, from simple to complex. At each level, your mission is to gather heroes to destroy the enemies in the dungeon. To win, you need an understanding of the heroes you have, and their advantages and limitations. There are up to 9 different hero classes and many options for you to choose from. But think of unique combinations to create a perfect 4 warriors squad. A great squad that can be flexible in many situations, ensuring both attack and defense. Based on those criteria when you start to arrange the squad.


Unlock and upgrade heroes

Dungeon Survival Mod will make you excited with an impressive collection of heroes. It includes many different classes, such as warrior, archer, gunner, mage, and more. Each class will have its own characteristics, such as warriors having good melee attacks, while mages or marksmen deal high damage. However, each class has certain disadvantages. Warriors have high HP but low damage, while magicians, gunners, and archers have low HP and need to be protected. That’s why they need to work together in the squad, not attack individually.

Each hero will have their own set of skills. And you can choose heroes and their respective skills to attack in the fight. Of course, you can upgrade heroes to improve their stats. Moreover, according to the level journey, when you reach enough level, you will get new heroes with more advanced power. At that time, you can replace them in positions in the squad, aiming to be flexible in the form of combat.


Classic 2D graphics, dark colors

All battles take place on the phone’s horizontal screen, so you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the best. The battlefield is always clear before your eyes, allowing you to clearly see every move and move of the enemy and of each hero. Each move comes with eye-catching effects and vivid sound. Dark colors cover everything, highlighting the moves on the battlefield.


Overall, Dungeon Survival Mod is an interesting choice to explore. It’s not perfect, but it’s impressive with its classic design and typical turn-based gameplay. Join the game, build your strategic formation and test its effectiveness on the battlefield. A series of dungeon enemies with a hideous appearance and great power is really worth encountering.

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