EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK 1.7.07 (Speed)
EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK 1.7.07 (Speed)

EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK 1.7.07 (Speed)

By TT - April 29, 2022
Version 1.7.07
MOD Features Speed
Size 62MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Promotion Software GmbH
Update April 29, 2022 (2 months ago )

EMERGENCY HQ Mod is a rescue simulation game that requires in-depth management skills. You will simultaneously run many rescue forces in the city, from fire and ambulance to construction crews and defense police. Your mission is to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the city and develop and upgrade your rescue headquarters to become rich and famous. You cannot miss the classic fires in apartment buildings or ship explosions, shipwrecks, terrorism, and landslides of construction sites. Challenges keep coming and getting harder and harder. Therefore, you need to know how to manage your forces and resources to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. As a senior manager, you don’t need to get your hands on rescue operations, but you are the most important brain in every unit. Show your wisdom, experience, and bravery to rescue people from emergency situations.

Download EMERGENCY HQ Mod – Operate and manage the rescue headquarters in the city

Have you ever thought about becoming a lifeguard? If yes, try this game now and learn how to become a talented rescue manager. Not an ordinary lifeguard, you are the senior manager of every rescue unit. But to work effectively, you need to understand the work of each unit, from fire to police, medical and more. Each unit undertakes different missions but all share the same goal, which is to rescue everyone in the city. So how do promptly respond to any emergency situation that occurs? Try this game and find out your cool management strategy.


Rescue emergency situations

Basically, EMERGENCY HQ will include a level system from easy to difficult. You will start getting familiar with rescue management at an easy level with simple challenges. But then the challenges get harder and harder as you level up. At that time, you have to face many emergency situations at the same time, forcing you to have an effective force management strategy to respond promptly.

The missions will revolve around fighting fires of small to large scale according to the level up. Besides, you may also encounter situations of shipwreck, landslide, requiring the operation of construction and relief forces by boat or plane. Moreover, emergency situations can cause accidents for people. Therefore, a medical team must always be on standby to quickly rescue the victims and bring them to the hospital for treatment.

Just like that, you will gradually get acquainted with the senior management of the rescue headquarters. There will be dozens of vehicles and units to save them to operate and guide. Therefore, it is not too easy for you to complete all the tasks in a single time. But rest assured, you can play again and again to complete the level with the corresponding score and bonus. Save your bonuses for later, such as upgrading and expanding the rescue force. Besides, pay attention to the time factor. You need to complete the mission as quickly as possible because every situation is always urgent in EMERGENCY HQ Mod.


Upgrade and expand the rescue headquarters

In response to increasingly difficult challenges, you are forced to upgrade your rescue force. First, you need to unlock new facilities and add necessary vehicles such as fire trucks, police cars, planes, helicopters, sprinklers, and more. Besides, you also need to upgrade the headquarters to increase the flexibility of the units. Constantly growing and expanding administrative offices, parking lots, training facilities… As your force grows, you’ll need a wiser strategy to run it all. Always heed the emergency alarm and be ready with your rescue crews at all times.


3D graphics for realistic images

This game not only impresses with its attractive management gameplay but also with its graphic design. It is simulated on a high-end 3D graphics platform, giving sharp and realistic images. Rescue stations, forces, vehicles, city contexts… all look real. The movements are also very smooth, highlighting the actions of the rescue team during emergency missions. The game world is always bright, the music is vibrant and attractive. So everything is pretty great so that you always feel excited with dozens of rescue missions every day.


Don’t hesitate to come to EMERGENCY HQ Mod and show your management talent. It is an idle but addictive game, so you just need to touch the screen to play. Run the rescue force your way to ensure a timely response to any situation. Ensure the safety of residents and your own rescue team. At the same time, upgrade the rescue station further to increase the necessary forces and means, aiming to cope with increasingly difficult tasks.

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