Evertale Mod APK 2.0.62 (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Evertale Mod APK 2.0.62 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Evertale Mod APK 2.0.62 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

By TT - April 27, 2022
Name Evertale
Version 2.0.62
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Size 73MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher ZigZaGame Inc.
Update April 27, 2022 (2 months ago )

Evertale Mod is a super cool RPG that you might have missed. Join the game, you will become one of the heroes with a noble mission, which is to eliminate evil creatures to prevent disasters on human land. The gameplay of the game will revolve around fighting monsters, collecting and training monsters, building strategic squads, and exploring the game world. However, you can also compete with online players for PvP mode, join guilds to fight together, and receive rewards. Then what could be better? It’s time for you to be a vital part of the righteous fight in Evertale’s 2D fantasy world. Show your strategy to conquer every dungeon, jungle, and more.

Download Evertale Mod – Role-playing game combining adventure

Among the currently outstanding adventure RPGs on phones, Evertale is an impressive name. It is very well designed in terms of gameplay, plot, characters, and graphics. So it promises to give you epic adventure but is also very simple to approach. Your mission is to fight against monsters, a very familiar topic. But you will have the opportunity to explore hundreds of characters, more than 6 map areas, and engaging story developments. Moreover, the battles are always attractive with eye-catching effects. Don’t hesitate to enjoy it right on your phone.


Form a strategic formation to protect the world

The world of Erden is threatened by a terrible disaster that occurs every 100 years. This time, it came earlier than expected, forcing the heroes to rally once more to fight the disaster once and for all. You will accompany them in this war, with the support of many young leaders and powerful monsters. But everything is not available from the beginning. Start recruiting today to form an invincible squad soon.

You will start in a certain area, look for other warriors and recruit them to the squad. Besides, you will have to participate in battles with monsters along the way. Destroy them and make them submit as team warriors. Gradually, the game world will expand to many new areas. Each area will bring you more unique monsters and new companions. As a result, you will continuously upgrade your strength to gain an advantage in increasingly complex battles. In the process, you will have to gain experience to make reasonable choices. A perfect squad needs to have high flexibility and ensure both offensive and defensive elements.


Unlock and train hundreds of unique characters

Currently, Evertale Mod has a collection of more than 180 monster and hero cards. They are distributed throughout your adventure journey through the 6 regions of the world of Erden. Each character has unique powers and impressive skillsets. You need to know each person well in order to get the most out of them. Besides, consider how to combine monsters together in a reasonable way. In the squad, there will be cards that support each other, some cards take on the main attack or the main defense.

Moreover, gamers need to upgrade each monster and hero in the team to unlock new power thresholds. To do this, of course, you need gold coins to pay. You should join a guild to join your friends on quests and hunt for precious rewards. At the same time, you can directly lead your squad into the online battlefield to compete in real 4v4 combat. These wars are often accompanied by great prizes. So this will be your chance to take the loot you want.


Classic but vivid 2D graphics

Everything in the Evertale game is built on 2D graphics. They have classic colors and a design style that is quite close to the cartoon style. However, the images of characters and monsters are meticulously elaborated in appearance, plus many eye-catching effects in each attack skill. The developments of the story are cleverly integrated into the adventurer’s journey, providing many useful suggestions. And these scenes are shown very smoothly and delicately, making it feel like watching cutscenes from a movie.

The action-adventure journey in Evertale Mod has begun. You should play it now to be a part of that journey. You will be one of the leaders of a super cool monster squad with a mission to protect humanity. So show your strategy to conquer every battle, explore many locations, and constantly upgrade the squad with new options. Do not stop until you have eliminated all danger of disaster to the world.

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