EvoCreo Mod APK 1.9.12 (Unlimited Gems)
EvoCreo Mod APK 1.9.12 (Unlimited Gems)

EvoCreo Mod APK 1.9.12 (Unlimited Gems)

By TT - May 24, 2022
Name LMHMOD EvoCreo
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher ilmfinity
Size 62MB
Version 1.9.12
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 24, 2022 (6 months ago )

EvoCreo Mod is an adventure game inspired by the hit Pokemon movie. It revolves around your journey in the fantasy pixel world and the typical monster hunt. Your mission is to find, collect and train mystical monsters. You can then use their powers to venture deep into the virtual world, meet other trainers, and challenge them to a duel. Each fight gives you the opportunity to expand your journey. Each location opens up new interesting things for you to bring into your own story and enrich it. Don’t hesitate to adventure and fight your way. Many side characters, monsters, and mysteries are always available to explore here.

Download EvoCreo Mod – Monster hunt of top trainers

Perhaps you still remember Pokemon, the movie about hunting animals is extremely attractive. EvoCreo is the place for you to enjoy it again but not just as a viewer but as one of the great trainers. It offers a wonderful virtual world and more than 170 different species of monsters. They will take you on an endless and fun-filled journey of discovery on your phone. Get ready to impersonate one of your favorite trainers. Select potential monsters, train them, and take part in exciting challenges. Not only that, but with the unique pixel design, the game will make you unable to ignore the beauty of the magical world. It includes many different areas with strange mysteries. Go more and discover more every day.


Monster training and combat

Playing as one of the outstanding heroes, you have a mission to find lost monsters and bring them into your squad. To do that, you will accompany the hero to go to many places, meet other characters and seek suggestions from them. They can reveal to you where to find monsters. And by a fight, you can collect that monster on the team and become its leader. In the war, you don’t need to do much, but you need to observe the battlefield for timely solutions. Just click the skill cards to attack, but you need to do it in the right way and at the right time.

Winning will help you unlock losing monster leadership. You can use it in the next battles. Besides, the challenges will be more and more fierce, so you need to consider the upgrade factors. Try wise upgrade strategies for each class of monsters in the squad. Consider stats like damage, defense, speed, and more. You can equip armor, weapons, and items to help monsters improve these stats. And this will give you the edge in battles. The more your monster collection grows, the more opportunities you’ll have to try out different strategies.


Explore many unique locations

EvoCreo Mod is not only a monster battle but also an adventure journey. Each battle will lead you to a certain location to explore. There you can meet many friends and mysterious characters. They always have good suggestions for you to find valuable monsters or treasures. Furthermore, when you unlock a location, you will gain access to some new stories. It helps you to enrich your trip, helping to expand the game content. However, the stories will always have a harmonious connection, not a discrete one. So it will immerse you in a truly seamless world and story.

Besides, we must also mention the diversity and richness of the landscape. Each location in the game’s fantasy world has its own beauty and makes you remember forever. You can see great forests, palaces, desert sands, dungeons, high mountains, and more. With harmonious colors, the game successfully depicts the distinct beauty of each place.


Classic pixel design

Besides the gameplay, the game also leaves an impression with the graphic style. It depicts everything in a classic pixel design, incorporating some 2D images. Therefore, it creates a friendly feeling for gamers right from the first experience. Images are described as sharp, the background is bright and colorful. Moreover, each movement in the game is also very smooth. The visuals of the monsters and the battle effects are pretty cool. Therefore, the battles in the game always attract gamers.


So, EvoCreo Mod could be your next favorite game. Do not hesitate to join the game, become a great monster trainer and explore the beautiful pixel world. You can recruit hundreds of unique monsters, upgrade their power with various items, and more. It’s also a chance to adventure, make friends and challenge top animal trainers.

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