Exile Survival Mod APK (Immortal)
Exile Survival Mod APK (Immortal)

Exile Survival Mod APK (Immortal)

By TT - April 26, 2022
Name LMHMOD Exile Survival
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Pride Games
Size 130MB
MOD Features Immortal
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Update April 26, 2022 (7 months ago )

Exile Survival Mod is a classic-style offline survival game. You will have to find ways to survive in the vast and dangerous desert. Challenges from the environment, weather, and monsters will stand in your way to freedom and power. But if you know how to mine, craft, build and fight, the challenge is no longer a problem. Plan your hunts and exploits in the barren desert. Use the resources you earn to build shelters, craft weapons and vehicles, or trade them for equipment, costumes, and armor. You are the one who decides your journey in this world. So use your wisdom to conquer all challenges and find the most precious treasure.

Download Exile Survival Mod – Survive to the last moment

Like many other survival games, Exile Survival is a place where you have to survive to score achievements. But it is an offline game, which means you will play alone in your journey to survive and explore the game world. The game context takes place in the post-apocalyptic period in the arid desert. You are one of the survivors, but that’s not necessarily lucked. Now, you have to fight for your life in the face of a series of trials and difficulties. Anything is against you, so survival is never easy. Start with resource mining, then build and craft. But all these actions always go hand in hand, if you are weak at any point, you will hardly survive.


Construction and crafting

Although a barren desert, Exile Survival also gives you many necessary resources, even valuable ancient treasures. Spend most of your time adventuring through various locations on the map and looking for what you need. It is not only food, water but also forest trees, wood, stones, and more. Store them in your inventory and use them for future construction and crafting. Those are the two most important actions here.

While other games always emphasize action elements, this game will require you to build and manage resources. You know, resources are limitless but your mining power is not. You need to know how to use them effectively to build safe shelters and craft tools such as axes, hammers, swords… Shelters guarantee your survival day and night. It may be a simple wooden hut at first but must be upgraded regularly to become a sturdy fortress. Don’t forget to set up hedges of thorns outside to prevent monsters from attacking. Take meticulous care of your shelter and turn it into a lasting castle for your dominion.


Explore many locations and fight for survival

In your exploration in Exile Survival Mod, you will encounter many difficulties from many things around. If you go to the dungeon, you will encounter monsters from small to huge. They guard ancient treasures deep in the mountains, and if you conquer them, you will get the most valuable loot. Besides, you will be threatened by ferocious forest animals such as spiders, tigers, leopards, scorpions… They are also hungry like you, so they will not hesitate before delicious prey.

So, what you need is a weapon to fight. You can trade resources with the shop owner in the desert for weapons and some necessary equipment. The game offers you a wide selection of costumes, accessories, armor, shoes, gloves, and of course handcrafted weapons. They will make you stronger in the confrontation with the epic Boss and protect your life for as long as possible. It’s your chance to discover the most about the world and the story of the game.


Classic, realistic graphics

Exile Survival has a classic but lively design style. It very realistically depicts the desert survival scene and the ancient relics of the legendary civilization in history. Characters, monsters, and equipment are well designed, and the movement in the game is also very smooth. And the sound is equally vivid, creating attraction for the action scenes. So there doesn’t seem to be anything to complain about.

If you are looking for a different survival experience, Exile Survival Mod will be the choice not to be missed. Come here and show your strategy in building, crafting, and fighting against all kinds of ancient enemies. Make the desert land your dominion, master every challenge, and become a tenacious survivor. Are you ready? Before you start, prepare for a journey full of difficulties and risks. Don’t give in to harsh weather or wild animals, even giant Bosses.

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