Farm City Mod APK 2.8.44 (Unlimited Money)
Farm City Mod APK 2.8.44 (Unlimited Money)

Farm City Mod APK 2.8.44 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - April 27, 2022
Name Farm City
Version 2.8.44
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 111M
Requires Android 4.4
Category Casual
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Zego Studio
Update April 27, 2022 (2 months ago )

Farm City Mod is the place for you to build your dream city. Unlike other farming games, this game allows you to build a city and develop a farm at the same time. You will grow crops, raise livestock and process them for export, earn money and invest in high-rise buildings, public services, and decorations. Thanks to that, you can enjoy two different atmospheres, one is gentle and classic, the other is luxurious, crowded and modern. Therefore, although it has been released for a long time, this game is still loved by a large number of gamers around the world. So far, I can confirm that it is one of the best offline farming games. Enjoy farming and enjoy colorful agricultural products. But also do not forget to take care of the modern city in the central area. You will do anything for the well-being and wealth of all its inhabitants, and can explore dozens of exotic locations in search of treasure.

Download Farm City Mod – Where there is both a city and a farm

Farm games are probably no longer strange to you, right? But what about a game that has both a farm and a city? It’s like no other experience you’ve ever tried, that’s why I introduce you to Farm City today. It is a place where anyone can easily find interest. Those who like a gentle, peaceful experience have a farm to grow, raise, and harvest. Those who like luxury and modernity can unlock dozens of types of buildings, houses, and services to build and decorate the city of their dreams. The first time I played, I wondered if there was any conflict. But when you play it, you will see how great it is, everything is very harmonious, natural. During the game, you can alternately visit the city and then return to the farm, feeling like an adventure between two worlds. If you want to try this feeling, don’t give up Farm City.


Sowing seeds, harvesting, and exporting

Anyway, farming is still the main part of this game. Here, you can freely grow everything in the world, from wheat, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, flowers, fruits, and more. Just buy seeds and plant them on the available soil, then wait until the results, flowering can be harvested immediately. After harvesting, bring the agricultural products to the processing factory to make excellent dishes. Then export by ship to transport to the city, serve the needs of the people and make a profit. Just click and swipe across the screen to do all this. So in general, idle but full of fun.

Besides farming, livestock is also an important part, contributing to the profit of your farm. You can raise sheep for wool, dairy cows for milk, chickens for eggs, and dozens of other things. Raising cattle is also very simple, just click to feed, in time to harvest agricultural products to sell. But before that, you need to build farms somewhere near the planting place for easy observation and care. When you want to expand your farm, you can unlock new lands and farms.


Unlock unique buildings and structures

Money earned from the farm will be used to build your city in Farm City Mod. There is a large area in the center for you to lay the foundation for the first houses. You can unlock high-rise buildings, shopping malls, entertainment, parks, lakes, open streets for traffic, or circles, zoos, bridges, giant statues … Do everything to bring convenience to residents’ lives and at the same time attract tourists and new residents.

Besides, you can unlock dozens of decorations such as flower beds, forests, artificial lakes, and more. Put them in places around houses or near the street, or anywhere you want. A city doesn’t have to be just houses and cars. Decorate it with your favorite flowers, and green parks to entertain and relax.


Colorful backgrounds, playful sounds

The graphics of Farm City are really quite impressed with the 3D platform. The details in the game are described as very sharp, colorful, and quite realistic, close to life. The farm or the city has its own beauty, but all are very lively. The movements in the game are also quite smooth, the effects in each touch are equally vivid. In particular, the sound in the game is always cheerful and full of energy. Thanks to that, playing this game is never boring, only more and more fun.

Farm City Mod will be the beautiful dream world of many gamers. It is the place to go whenever you feel stressed or simply want to pass the time. Immerse yourself in the romantic setting of the farm, harvest the freshest produce, and export to the harbor. Or you can visit your own city, where fully equipped and modern can help you feel the rhythm of life. Let’s start it now.

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