Fishing Hook Mod APK 2.4.4 (Unlimited Money)
Fishing Hook Mod APK 2.4.4 (Unlimited Money)

Fishing Hook Mod APK 2.4.4 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - April 1, 2022
Name Fishing Hook
Version 2.4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 56MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Sport
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Mobirix
Update April 1, 2022 (3 months ago )

Get ready for an adventure in the game Fishing Hook Mod. This is a game in the category of sports games. The content opens on the topic of fishing. In the role of a fisherman, from a first-person perspective. Your goal is to catch the big fish. Through the beautiful seas, in many different locations. The game simulates the fishing process, with realistic built gameplay. Gives you a realistic fishing experience. Moreover, you can also compete with other players. Compete with them to find the person who can catch the bigger fish. From there, you will have the opportunity to rise to the top of the achievement rankings. In particular, so that every player can experience it. The game is designed with a fairly small capacity. Can be suitable for all user devices. Also played in offline mode.

Download Fishing Hook Mod – Target Catching Big Fish In The Seas

Use a reel to start fishing in the waters of Fishing Hook Mod. Your mission is to successfully fish ashore. With the goal of catching the biggest fish. From there will receive attractive rewards. Includes experience points, bonuses. The reward received is based on the achievements you achieve during the fishing process. Shown by the number of stars and the crown badge. Along with the maximum distance between you and the fish, when the fish bites the hook. Continue fishing in the hope of catching a bigger fish. Then you will have the opportunity to catch many new types of fish, with a larger weight. The difficulty is also increased, the ability of the fish to have a greater drag. Makes you have to use fishing skills flexibly. If you are not careful, the fish will escape the hook. Meaning the mission failed, nothing was obtained.Fishing Hook Mod

Sentence process, flexible implementation

Let the fishing journey in Fishing Hook Mod go smoothly. You need to know the rules and act flexibly. Through the fishing rod, the machine appears in the first-person perspective. First, you need to click on the circle icon on the reel to cast the hook. Choose arbitrary throwing force with different distances and proximity. When the fish bites, you need to touch and hold the round button to collect the line. Also creates a drag, dealing damage to the fish. In the process, it is necessary to combine smoothly. Release the line when the fish pulls with great force, causing the line to be very tight. Can be observed through the power gauge. Also quickly retract the line when the drag of the fish is reduced. Gradually, after successfully fishing out of the sea. The fishing trip will end, from which you will receive interesting rewards.Game Fishing Hook Mod

Lots of fishes

In the journey to go fishing at Fishing Hook Mod. You will have the opportunity to catch a lot of different fish species. They live in seas with suitable environmental conditions for reproduction. There are some fish species such as tuna, swordfish, salmon, sea bass, etc. There is even a chance to catch giant whales. There are many other fish species that you will discover while fishing. They are all inspired by real fish in the seas of the world. The difference between these fishes is not only in size and shape. But there are also differences in color, weight, as well as strength. Besides, after catching fish, they will automatically be added to the collection. Also displays the time and location details of the fishing. You can choose to sell, collect an extra amount of money.Tai Fishing Hook Mod

Unlock the sea, upgrade

Use the gold coins earned from previous fishing trips. You can use it to unlock new waters of Fishing Hook Mod. Typically, the waters of Borneo, the island of Mauritius, the Mediterranean Sea, etc. Each open sea will have the opportunity to catch many different species of fish. At the same time bring a beautiful landscape, environment. Have the opportunity to watch the sunrise and sunset on the sea. Not stopping there, money is also used to upgrade. Increases attack power, strength percentage, and fishing line length. Each type of upgrade will require a corresponding amount. In addition, gold coins are used to perform the above activities. Sometimes you even have to use the game’s unique currency to do so.Download Fishing Hook Mod

If you get bored after a while when you have to go fishing alone. Can participate in Fishing Hook Mod’s online mode. Compete with other anglers. Apply accumulated experience. Successfully catching a big fish, achieving excellent results. Convincingly win against fishing opponents. Gradually, there will be a chance to get on the leaderboard, become one of the best-performing anglers. Moreover, the game allows you to connect with social networks. You can show off your sentence achievements to your friends.

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