Grand Battle Royale Mod APK 3.5.1 (Unlimited Money)
Grand Battle Royale Mod APK 3.5.1 (Unlimited Money)

Grand Battle Royale Mod APK 3.5.1 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 10, 2022
Name LMHMOD Grand Battle Royale
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher GameSpire Ltd.
Size 131MB
Version 3.5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On Google Play
Update May 10, 2022 (7 months ago )

If you are looking for an online shooting game, Grand Battle Royale Mod might be an interesting choice. It is similar to popular games, most notably PUBG Mobile. But it brings a new feeling with the blocky graphic style like Minecraft. Moreover, it has a wide range of modes ranging from single to party mode, battle royale, and more. Therefore, you can enjoy a variety of engaging fighting styles, meet friends, interact and act freely. The 3D open world will also keep you hooked. Jump from the plane and plunge into the vast battlefield, search for weapons and prepare for unforgettable encounters. Being the last survivor is your duty. Win over others and climb the leaderboards, it’s downright fun to strive for.

Download Grand Battle Royale Mod – Online shooting war in the open world

Many gamers are looking for Grand Battle Royale and see it as the perfect alternative to old hot online shooting games. Because it’s really worth it for you to do. It brings interesting battles with many unique rules. There is no limit to your map, weapon, or strategy. Fight like an assassin when you’re a single-player, or team up wisely with your teammates in team play. Besides, many useful weapons are available to collect and utilize in your fight. The flaming battlefield with a unique square block design will bring you back good memories of Minecraft. It is gorgeous and also quite a light incapacity to work smoothly on a variety of devices.


Explore unique modes

Get ready to explore multiple game modes. It gives you many interesting action styles, not only survival but sometimes also an intellectual puzzle. Let’s take a look at those modes now.

Gun Game Mode: It is a battlefield for guns only. You will fall from the plane, land on the map, and need to search for weapons to survive. The rules of the game are not too new, but what you can use is guns. It has no bombs, grenades, or much more. Therefore, you need to master your gun skills. Besides, you will be alone in this mode. Get ready to fight like an assassin to be the last one standing on the map.

Teamplay Mode: Team mode in Grand Battle Royale Mod, where you can side with other players to fight. Thus, you are no longer alone like in Gun game mode. Get ready to team up with allies and deploy compelling strategies. Weapons are not restricted to any type. So don’t hesitate to launch multiple campaigns with guns, grenades, smoke bombs, and more.

Sniper Arena mode: A place only for snipers. The gameplay is the same as the other modes, but you can only use the long-range gun with the scope.

Infection mode: A post-apocalyptic world full of zombies will lead you into dramatic action campaigns. Zombies are increasingly crowded and powerful, how long will you survive?

Hide and Seed Mode: It builds on the gameplay of the traditional hide and seeks game. The fugitives can transform into anything, while the seekers have to find the rest. These mind battles are as interesting as the other modes.

Battle Royale mode: A classic mode present in most online shooting games today. It is large-scale survival, your mission is to be the last survivor.


Diverse equipment and weapon system

Weapons and equipment can be found on the map. They are scattered in buildings, roads, neighborhoods, and many other places. Guns have many types, including pistols, rifles, SMG, sniper rifles, flame guns… Meanwhile, you can also find many other weapons such as bombs, and grenades. Many other types of equipment are also available, like armor, scopes, a first aid kit, and more. Go on adventures to find what you need for the battle.


3D graphics with Minecraft style

Graphic style is the highlight of this game. It is designed in the typical blocky style of the Minecraft game. The image of the characters and the game background look quite friendly. The colors are harmonious, the combat effects are realistic and vivid. Your every movement in the fight is also very smooth. Movements such as shooting, aiming, and running … all have realistic sounds.


Grand Battle Royale Mod will bring you the ultimate survival battles. It has many modes to choose from and enjoy a variety of fun action styles. You can interact with friends around the world and compete with them to score points on the leaderboard. Or you can be their teammates to team up in team mode. Enjoy fiery battles in the 3D open world.

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