Granny Chapter Two Mod APK 1.1.9 (Menu, God mode, No ads)
Granny Chapter Two Mod APK 1.1.9 (Menu, God mode, No ads)

Granny Chapter Two Mod APK 1.1.9 (Menu, God mode, No ads)

By TT - April 4, 2022
Name LMHMOD Granny Chapter Two
Category Arcade
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher DVloper
Size 88MB
Version 1.1.9
MOD Features Menu, God mode, No ads
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Update April 4, 2022 (8 months ago )

Granny Chapter Two Mod is a famous horror game that has owned more than 100 million installs on Google Play. It is the sequel to Granny, a masterpiece and also an obsession of many gamers. This time, the new game has many positive changes compared to the previous part. It adds new characters, increasing the drama of the experience. At the same time, it is also upgraded in graphics and sound, promising to bring a more perfect game for you to enjoy on your phone. Although there are many new points, this game still retains the adventure horror style and game context. You will have 5 days to survive the haunted house and don’t make any noise. It will be an interesting and haunting puzzle journey but will be the favorite game of gamers who love the horror genre.

Download Granny Chapter Two Mod – Serial horror adventure

If anyone has ever played Granny, they will definitely love this game. By joining it, you will continue your fear-filled journey with the psycho old lady in the haunted house. Your mission is to escape that house within 5 days to find a new life. But it’s not easy when this time, you have to face two horror characters, not one like the previous part. The fear is doubled, but you can customize the difficulty of the game. Design your game to suit your level. Don’t be so confident in your abilities to avoid screaming during the experience.


Meet Granny and Grandpa

With that said, Granny Chapter Two adds a new character named Grandpa. So in the coming nights, you will have many more exciting adventures. But as always, you will have to move around the house in search of keys and other necessary items to escape. In the process, don’t make loud noises because you will attract Granny, an old lady with super hearing ears. Besides, you also have to be careful with the new character, an old man with faster running speed and stronger hitting.

This pair will hinder your escape, but you also have tips to combat them. Although noise is the most taboo thing, sometimes it will be a support tool for you. You can use a radio to play sounds, and fool the rich Granny and Grandpa into running away. But make sure you have hidden well somewhere such as under the bed or wardrobe. However, this is not always effective. Sometimes Grandpa can spot you from under the bed. If you get caught, you will hit a very painful club and have to play the game all over again.


Customize your game

Granny Chapter Two Mod allows gamers to customize the game to find the right experience. Firstly, you can choose to play, practice or play for real. In practice mode, you can comfortably explore the house without worrying about the horror couple. It will help you get used to the objects and the feeling of moving into the house. Second, when playing for real, you can choose the difficulty of the game, including normal, easy, and hard. The higher the difficulty, the better the character’s ability, Granny’s hearing is higher and Grandpa’s running faster.

Third, you can choose a game where there is only one character or both. If only Granny, your game will be the same as the first, but the upgrade of the graphics will make the experience a bit more novel. Depending on their level, gamers can customize the game in many ways. Besides, you can gradually upgrade the difficulty of the game to gradually get used to and conquer the game after having enough experience.


Vivid, realistic 3D graphics

This game is designed on a 3D graphics platform with realistic visual designs. It creates the necessary creepy feeling of a horror genre thanks to the images, the movements, the setting, and the colors. Everything in the game is covered by the gloomy color of the dark night. Household items are old, sometimes accompanied by the sound of objects falling. Besides, the sound is also an important factor that creates horror in every second of the game. Everything comes together and forms a haunting experience for many gamers.


If you are looking for a horror game on your phone, then I recommend you to try Granny Chapter Two Mod. It really is an outstanding name to test your survivability. A “walk” in a haunted house under the supervision of a psychotic couple. It is a feeling that you can hardly find in any other game. Fear always surrounds you and the classic stunts can make your heart jump. Make sure you are brave enough to play it.

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