GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK 1.04 (Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage)
GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK 1.04 (Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage)

GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK 1.04 (Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage)

By TT - April 16, 2022
Name LMHMOD GTA Chinatown Wars
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Rockstar Games
Size 883MB
Version 1.04
MOD Features Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage
Get It On APK Google Play
Update April 16, 2022 (8 months ago )

GTA Chinatown Wars Mod is the 13th part of the hit GTA series. It retains the features of its predecessor, such as free-adventure gameplay and realistic 3D graphics. However, if you have played this game, you will notice some of its new features. But everything is almost the same, it is always a fascinating experience that anyone will love. Get ready to join the revenge journey and become the boss of the gangster gang. And this is an opportunity to explore the game world in the Chinese city with many interesting points in terms of scenery, culture, and people. Act your way to the top or die. Use the available weapons and any vehicle you like to perform epic missions. The game is available here, fight it now.

Download GTA Chinatown Wars Mod – Realistic open-world action

Surely you are no stranger to the games in the GTA series. So far, it’s got to version 13, and that’s GTA Chinatown Wars. This game has many interesting new things compared to the previous games. For instance, it changes the third-person perspective to a top-down one, providing a different and intuitive sense of adventure. Besides, this time, you will have the opportunity to explore a new world with Chinese style. And of course, it has an extremely diverse new mission system and an additional series of vehicles and weapons. Moreover, a new storyline will be something that makes every gamer excited.


Learn how to be the head of crime

You join the game as Huang Lee, the son of a tycoon in the underworld. After his father is murdered, he is assigned an urgent mission. He needed to deliver the ancient sword to his uncle in Liberty City, but unfortunately, some guys managed to rob it and kill everyone close to him. In that terrible robbery, fortunately, he escaped death. Now, he returns to the city with hatred and some plans to take revenge on those who deliberately killed him. You will help him, so get ready to plunge into the most intense action-adventure journey.

The game will give you a unique mission system to lead you along with the storyline. However, basically, you can do everything you like here. But if you complete the quest, you will get a nice bonus to shop for what you want. It can be a boss escort mission, murder, robbery, smuggling, fighting, and more. Whatever it is, you have already oriented yourself to becoming a criminal. But prepare perfect plans before each mission to save lives and avoid trouble with the police force. And best of all, you should have full luggage with guns, ammunition, and your vehicle.


Unique weapon and vehicle system

GTA Chinatown Wars Mod gives you many things to use in each mission. It includes many of the most popular guns like pistols, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles. You should learn well about each type of gun to choose the right type for different forms of attack. For example, pistols and pistols would be suitable for close combat action. Meanwhile, sniper rifles will be very useful for you to make shots from a distance, aiming to kill people without attracting attention.

Besides weapons, the game also allows you to drive many luxury vehicles. Basically, you don’t have to buy the car yourself because you can steal it from someone else. Look on the street to find your favorite car. If someone is driving it, simply remove the guy and take his car. Act your way to own what you want, that’s the attitude of a true tycoon. But be alert to your alarm level to limit conflicts or fierce chases with police cars or helicopters.


High-end 3D graphics, optimal control

There is nothing to complain about the graphics of GTA Chinatown Wars. It remains the same as the previous games in the GTA series, a series of games with the most advanced graphics. It is designed with high-quality 3D background, for realistic images and smooth motion. The open-world settings are incredibly lifelike, and the vehicles, weapons, and people are all lifelike. Everything is sharp and intuitive, providing a free, free, and authentic sense of adventure on the phone.

If you are waiting for a new experience with a GTA game, then GTA Chinatown Wars Mod is your choice. It is the latest version with a series of new features while retaining the famous features of this legendary classic game series. Enjoy your moments of free action in the underworld, do what you want, and decide your place in the most notorious gangster.

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