Guild of Heroes Mod APK 1.142.3 (Menu, High Damage, Immortal, NO COOLDOWN, Revive Cost 0)
Guild of Heroes Mod APK 1.142.3 (Menu, High Damage, Immortal, NO COOLDOWN, Revive Cost 0)

Guild of Heroes Mod APK 1.142.3 (Menu, High Damage, Immortal, NO COOLDOWN, Revive Cost 0)

By TT - November 21, 2022
Name LMHMOD Guild of Heroes
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher BIT.GAMES
Size 140MB
Version 1.142.3
MOD Features Menu, High Damage, Immortal, NO COOLDOWN, Revive Cost 0
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Update November 21, 2022 (6 days ago )

Join the Guild of Heroes Mod now and show your talent as a mage, archer, warrior, or more. It is a typical role-playing game with a dungeon setting, including a dense quest system in PvE mode and challenging battles with online enemies in PvP mode. A variety of exciting challenges for you, from powerful Orcs to ultimate mages, giant Bosses, and even real players. Therefore, you need to have a smart strategy to overcome all enemies, while upgrading your hero in your own direction and discovering the threshold of ultimate strength. There is no need to choose a hero as you can switch between many different roles in a single warrior. What is your favorite fighting style? Show it right in the way you build your character.

Download Guild of Heroes Mod – Roleplay and fight enemies in the dungeon

Guild of Heroes has a classic and unique gameplay style that everyone seems to know. It is a role-playing style that combines a dungeon setting, where battles take place between heroes and demons. This time too, you will be choosing your hero and joining forces against the darkness of the dungeon. Your mission is to protect the world from revolts such as dwarves, ancient elves, orc wizards, or the most advanced sorcerers of the dark. It is an epic journey through many different locations in the vast and colorful fantasy world. You can stop at any time and enjoy the lively battles or discover the most mysterious stories.


Endless dungeon war with many challenges

The game gives you two typical modes to play, including PvE and PvP. As always, the PvE mode is the place to explore the quest system available in the game. It leads you to tiered battles from easy to difficult. You will have the opportunity to encounter a unique system of enemies, from small elves to the most powerful witch and Boss. After completing a level, you will unlock the next level with more unique new challenges. At the same time, you will receive bonuses and items to upgrade your hero.

Meanwhile, in PvP mode, gamers will actually encounter real players around the world. Here, you can also form a guild with like-minded people to fight and hunt together. The battles are always exciting and thrilling because your enemy can be anyone, a warrior, mage, or archer with level 1 or 10 or higher. So always be ready with your upgraded hero. Transform him endlessly to explore extreme levels of power and show off your fighting style in unprecedented combat.


Discover the hero’s unique skills

You may not know that Guild of Heroes Mod does not have a unique character system like many other games of the same genre. You only have a certain hero to fight from the beginning to the end of the journey. However, this hero has the ability to flexibly switch between many different roles. You can add shields and swords to make him a warrior with a melee attack and good health. Or give him a bow and possess the ability to attack from a distance, dealing a lot of damage to enemies within a certain range. Or turn him into a mage with amazing magical skills.

So each character’s role will bring its own advantages but of course also its own disadvantages. If you are a soldier, upgrade him to increase his ability to deal damage to enemies. If you are a mage or archer, focus on the defense factor to protect his HP. As such, you can completely compensate for the hero’s weaknesses by upgrading. But with different roles, your hero will have his own set of skills. So learn to control those skills.


Unlock new contexts and content

Over time, gamers will unlock more new content through each level. You will have the opportunity to encounter new enemies in a new battlefield setting. At the same time, valuable items and mysterious fairy tales are gradually unlocked for discovery. Game content is increasingly diverse, expanding your journey to infinity. So this game will be more and more interesting, not boring.


Guild of Heroes Mod will be a great game to try out many dungeon battles. Not only possessing typical gameplay and a complete mission system, but the game will also impress gamers thanks to its high-end 3D graphics. The character image and the background are designed to be vivid, the combat effects are very eye-catching and the sound is realistic. Moreover, the battlefield context will change dynamically over time. Enemy images are also increasingly rich, creating endless inspiration.

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