Hunter Assassin Mod APK 1.56.1 (Unlimited Gems)
Hunter Assassin Mod APK 1.56.1 (Unlimited Gems)

Hunter Assassin Mod APK 1.56.1 (Unlimited Gems)

By HN - April 23, 2022
Name Hunter Assassin
Version 1.56.1
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Size 51MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Ruby Game Studio
Update April 23, 2022 (2 months ago )

Hunter Assassin Mod is an action game. Built with assassination-themed gameplay. This game is provided by Ruby Game Studio. Unleash exciting action adventures. As an assassin, your mission is to destroy the target in silence. Simultaneously perform a series of different tasks to collect diamonds. The game is built with a lot of attractive features. Promising to bring a very new killer experience. You will have the opportunity to role-play with many different characters. At the same time enjoy interesting entertainment moments. Moreover, to create a lively combat environment. The developer has built a very rich graphics system. Combined with the viewing angle from above looking down.

Download Hunter Assassin Mod – Assassin Quest To Destroy Targets In Silence

Built-in gameplay based on levels. The action in Hunter Assassin Mod takes place very interestingly. Each level opens up an assassination mission. Targets are soldiers, bandits, armed. Also, own a flashlight to light the way. As an assassin, you will have to destroy enough enemies to complete a level. By moving quickly, do not let them detect the position. A surprise attack from behind knocked out the target. Repeat this until you assassinate all enemies. The task will be completed, and at the same time receive the diamonds. It is then possible to continue the assassination mission to the next level. Over time, conquer the challenge in each level of play. You will become a professional assassin.Hunter Assassin Mod

Enemies and skills

During the assassination action of Hunter Assassin Mod. Enemies will move freely in complex terrain. Also, as soon as you destroy an item, it will be discovered by other enemies. They will quickly run to look for you. If moving into the field of view, it is shown by the illumination of the flashlight. You will be attacked by them. To be able to complete the mission with excellent achievement. Requires your assassination skills to be flexible. With the advantage of the top-down view. Can observe all activities, and the position of the enemy accurately. Combined with moving skills, choose the direction wisely. From there it is possible to assassinate the enemy from behind. Or take advantage of the terrain to hide, avoiding the pursuit from the enemy.Hunter Assassin Mod

The difficulty will increase gradually

Start the assassin mission from the early levels of Hunter Assassin Mod. You only need to assassinate two targets to complete the mission. In the beginning, the task is quite simple. Help you get familiar with the gameplay, as well as the control system. But with each level increasing day by day. The difficulty will be increased every time you step into a new level. More difficult challenges, very difficult to complete. Because the number of enemies that needed to be assassinated was not only greater than before. And their abilities are also superior. Under the control of AI, the enemy will move faster and more flexibly. At the same time, the target tracking skill is improved. Make you face many challenges in the assassination process. But the reward received after completing the quest will be increased.Game Hunter Assassin Mod

Diverse assassin system

Conquer the game levels of Hunter Assassin Mod in turn. You will have the opportunity to discover many other assassin characters. Each character has its own ability stats. For example, assassins possess 10%, 15%, and 20% movement speed. Or assassin own 40%, 50%, 60% health. There are many other assassins you will learn when participating in the game. Each character is designed to look in different styles. Expressed through unique costumes. However, to role-play as a new assassin. You will have to complete many different assassination missions. Through the number of diamonds accumulated. After meeting the requirements, you can unlock new characters.Download Hunter Assassin Mod

In addition to downloading the game Hunter Assassin Mod to start the free experience. You can also sign up to play games as a VIP member. Then you will enjoy attractive offers. For example, unlock the Ninja assassin character, and get 5000 diamonds and 100% gems forever. In particular, you will not be disturbed during the experience. By Vip members will be removed from all ads. However, to be able to become a VIP member. You will have to spend a fee, which is converted into cash.

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