IDBS Bus Simulator Mod APK 7.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Car -99999)
IDBS Bus Simulator Mod APK 7.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Car -99999)

IDBS Bus Simulator Mod APK 7.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Car -99999)

By TT - May 25, 2022
Name IDBS Bus Simulator
Version 7.3
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Car -99999
Size 115M
Requires Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher IDBS Studio
Update May 25, 2022 (1 month ago )

IDBS Bus Simulator Mod is a long-distance bus driving simulation game set in the country of Indonesia. It will delight you with its realistic bus driving interface, realistic 3D simulation, and rich bus system. With these, you will have the opportunity to enjoy exciting rides. The quests will lead you to many places, discovering the beauty of Indonesia from the village roads to the bustling urban center. Moreover, you can interact with many features of the car, from the steering wheel, horn, brakes, and more. So, the feeling of driving a bus here is really vivid and no different from reality. Enjoy it after you download the game here to your phone. It helps you unlock your favorite buses and unique locations.

Download IDBS Bus Simulator Mod – Realistic bus driving simulator

IDBS Bus Simulator is a great choice for you to enjoy the feeling of driving a bus and exploring the beauty of Indonesia. It’s nothing too new compared to other simulation games, but it’s well-rounded and complete enough to bring endless inspiration to gamers. You will join the game as a long-distance bus driver, take on the job of transporting guests, and make money from it. Every day, the quest system will ask you to take trips. You can make them and return them with the bonus. Many things are available in the store to shop, from buses, skins, locations, and more. So if you play hard, you will have a chance to discover all the content of the game. But there is a better offer, which is to download the Mod version here to shop to your heart’s content.


Explore shuttle missions

Starting a long day on your bus and returning on time, that’s a driver’s duty. You will drive to the bus station, pick up passengers, drive to bring guests to the specified location, and return to the station. It is the route for your travels. But depending on your requirements, your driving time can be short or long. Sometimes the trips will be from city to city, from village roads to the beach, and beyond. But it does not cause fatigue, but on the contrary, this is an opportunity for you to enjoy the scenery in the game. Structures, tall buildings, fields, beaches, streets, and more come to life in front of you.

Over time, you can level up your driver’s license, thereby unlocking many new challenges. The tasks will be more and more difficult, requiring the concentration and experience of the bus driver. During your journey, you need to obey all traffic laws. Stop at red lights, and toll booths, stay in the right lane, and limit speed when noted… Moreover, you need to be alert to other vehicles on the way. Traffic will become more and more crowded as you enter the city center. And collisions should be greatly minimized so as not to affect your reputation.


The intuitive and optimized control interface

IDBS Bus Simulator Mod provides an optimized driver for easy access. However, you also need to practice to get used to and master all driving maneuvers. Basically, you will control the direction of the bus with the steering wheel in the left corner of the screen. At the same time, the speed adjustment can be done by brake, lever, or accelerator. Moreover, you can use the car horn, open the door, close the door, turn on the music, observe the speedometer, and map navigation … All are displayed visually on the experience screen.

You can also switch between the first and third person. It allows you to feel the game in different ways. The first-person perspective allows you to see the interior of the bus and see everything ahead from the window. Meanwhile, the third perspective will help you see the whole of your bus and the city landscape easily. As a result, this bus driving experience will satisfy the preferences of many different players.


High-end 3D graphics

With 3D graphic design, the game will help you fully enjoy the vivid simulation game world. The game background looks very realistic with realistic details like buildings, streets, stations, vehicles, signs, people, and more. The movements of the bus on your journey are also quite smooth. You can see the procession of people getting on and off the bus and the rhythms of the cars on the road. The sound is equally authentic. It includes engine sounds from buses, vehicles on the road, and background music.


So, if you are looking for a bus driving simulation game, don’t miss IDBS Bus Simulator Mod. It gives you great driving moments to explore the big open world. More than just driving a bus, this is a chance to enjoy the stunning scenery and the bustling pace of life like the real world.

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