Into The Dead 2 Mod APK 1.60.0 (Menu/Money, Vip, Upgrade)
Into The Dead 2 Mod APK 1.60.0 (Menu/Money, Vip, Upgrade)

Into The Dead 2 Mod APK 1.60.0 (Menu/Money, Vip, Upgrade)

By HN - April 15, 2022
Name Into The Dead 2
Version 1.60.0
MOD Features Menu/Money, Vip, Upgrade
Size 2GB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher PIKPOK
Update April 15, 2022 (2 months ago )

Games related to the field of zombies are very attractive. Loved by many players. Into The Dead 2 is no exception. Gameplay for you to become a warrior fighting with zombies to protect your family. As well as protect your own life. You have quite modern, powerful combat weapons. Use guns with great destructive power. Shoot down all zombies. Take your family to a faraway place. Peaceful, without the appearance of monsters. But on this journey, there will be many hardships and difficulties. Stay calm in all situations. Keep yourself a cool head to make the fight go more smoothly. There are many paths to escape from this city full of zombies and undead. You are free to discover many interesting things. Download Into The Dead 2 Mod overcome yourself, destroy all monsters.

Download Into The Dead 2 Mod – Protect your family from zombie attacks

The journey to save the family from the onslaught of zombies is shown on the battle map. Into The Dead 2 Mod plans, detailed and meticulous paths for you to implement. That’s why when the system assigns tasks. Please try to complete it completely, complete it all. Always carry a weapon when traveling on the road. Ready to fight whenever enemies appear. When you see them, quickly take out your gun. Move away, don’t let them get close to you. Because they can only attack when close to you. And you can shoot and destroy all zombies from afar. Gameplay allows you to bring a pet to be a companion. It’s a special dog. Have the ability to fight, support you when fighting. I am sure you will not be bored or disappointed when playing the game. This companion will make you much happier.

Game Into The Dead 2 mod hack

Defeat the monster

The main task of the player when participating in the gameplay. It is to run away, to escape the pursuit of the enemy. But to complete this mission. Players need to overcome attacks from monsters. Their number is very large. Appears everywhere. That’s why you only have to destroy them. Open a safe exit for yourself and your family. The level and number of monsters are two proportional quantities. When the level is higher. This means the number of zombies, undead also increased very high. Hundreds of monsters at once rush to attack you. There needs to be a specific strategy and battle plan. Otherwise, you won’t be able to defeat them all. The power of zombie legions is immense. Equip your character with more powerful weapons. Increases attack power, destroys enemies.

Game Into The Dead 2 mod


Into The Dead 2, Mod has a long story with more than 70 chapters. Nearly 60 levels with different levels for players to conquer. Over time, the number of your guests will be increased even more. If it is not possible to complete the quest in the previous levels. Then when you level up, you will be cornered a lot. This will create pressure that makes players feel tired. Don’t worry when you use the mod version of Into The Dead 2 provided by vothanvosong. With many unique and professional mod features. The task, no matter how many, how difficult it can be done. Completing the mission you will receive bonuses, level up, many equipment, and precious weapons.

Into The Dead 2 game mod apk

How to play Into The Dead 2

When entering the game you will play the character James. Is the brother who is looking for his sister Halen lost in the forest. You need to find your sister and return before dark. Because when it gets dark, monsters appear. At this time, there will be many dangers that threaten your life. Zombies, undead they will attack, preventing you from returning home. Control the character to move, run fast. When seeing monsters appearing on the way. If they chase you close. Take out your weapons and shoot them all. Remember, in the journey of moving, running away. If you see the ammo boxes appear. Please collect them all. This is a very important item to help your gun work properly, without running out of ammo.

Into The Dead 2 mod apk

Take on the responsibility of protecting the safety of your family. You must always keep your fighting spirit strong and fierce. Even though the number of zombies is large. But with the help of modern technological weapons. Use this strength to destroy all monsters. Overcome monster chases. Bring loved ones back home safely. Download Into The Dead 2 Mod using guns to kill monsters faster.

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