Join Blob Clash 3D Mod APK 0.3.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Join Blob Clash 3D Mod APK 0.3.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Join Blob Clash 3D Mod APK 0.3.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

By HN - May 28, 2022
Name Join Blob Clash 3D
Version 0.3.1
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Size 79MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Update May 28, 2022 (1 month ago )

Enjoy Join Blob Clash 3D Mod game in survival style. The game belongs to the Arcade entertainment game genre. Unlock exciting levels. Based on the racing theme to recruit troops. Then gather into a warrior to compete in strength with the boss. The content of the game revolves around blobs of color. Your task is to pass the game levels to accumulate bonuses. Aim to conquer the playing levels to enjoy the feeling of victory. To bring exciting entertainment activities for all players. When participating, you will enjoy vivid graphics. With a combination of bright colors. Along with a simply designed control mechanism. Intuitive interface, with outstanding gameplay. Promising to bring attractive survival matches.

Download Join Blob Clash 3D Mod – Gather Blobs to Fight Giant Boss

Join Blob Clash 3D Mod is a survival game. It combines elements of obstacle racing and boxing matches. Based on the mission system that takes place according to each level of play. You control a blob that moves forward automatically. Avoid dangerous obstacles to ensure safety. Also, recruit other blobs that appear on the run. After reaching the finish line, the total number of blobs recruited will form a warrior. Fight the boss that appears in front of the portal of the coefficient scale. At this point, your task is to continuously press for the blob warrior to attack. Boxing-style punches take place continuously. The boss after being defeated will splash on the scale. Thereby, your reward will be multiplied by a point multiplier. Corresponds to the location where the boss is thrown.Join Blob Clash 3D Mod

The increasing difficulty, skill

The playing levels of Join Blob Clash 3D Mod take place in ascending order. Through that, the difficulty also changes, becoming more and more difficult. The running distance of the blobs is longer than before. That means it will be more difficult because the number of pitfalls will be larger. Especially face the boss in a 1vs1 match. The competition was very intense and dramatic. If you can’t defeat the boss, you will lose. Although the bonus will still be received, it will not be multiplied by the multiplier. Make it take you more time to replay the failed level. To win, achieve excellence in the levels. Skill requirements must be really flexible. Dodge the obstacles on the way. Attack continuously to defeat the boss before losing your life.Game Join Blob Clash 3D Mod

Collect coins, strengthen the power

The gold coin is the main currency in the game Join Blob Clash 3D Mod. Through the levels run to recruit blobs. Coins appear throughout the track. You can collect to accumulate large quantities. They can then be used for many different activities. Strengthen the blobs for better effect. Through each level of play, before the start of the race. You can spend money to enhance your abilities, including strength and speed. Each type of ability plays an important role, in affecting the outcome. For example, speed will help blobs move fast. Can flexibly avoid obstacles. Or strength will enhance combat ability. Can attack with large amounts of damage, causing the boss to be quickly defeated.Tai Join Blob Clash 3D Mod

Dangerous obstacles

Before gathering the blobs into a warrior to compete with the giant boss. You will encounter a lot of difficulties in the recruitment process. By facing many dangerous obstacles of Join Blob Clash 3D Mod. Those are deadly traps, which will cause the number of blobs to decrease when touched. That caused the warrior’s strength to be significantly reduced. Because it is not possible to gather a sufficient number of blobs. There are some pitfalls that appear during the run. For example moving shafts, monstrous saw lines, swinging cutters, and knives. Or even pieces of watermelon,… Every obstacle is a dangerous barrier. There will be different ways to pass. But it is important to observe and choose the right time.Download Join Blob Clash 3D Mod

The difference between the blobs in Join Blob Clash 3D Mod lies in the color. With so many different colors for you to explore. Typically blue, yellow, red, purple, … there are many other colors. Besides, to recreate a lively space. Along with the look of blobs in a unique way. The system has a bright graphic design. The shape of blobs in Smile style. There are all parts, from the legs, and arms, to the head. Besides, to increase the excitement for every player. The sound of the game is shown through the vibrant background music. Played throughout the progression of the levels.

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