Larva Heroes Lavengers Mod APK 2.8.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Heroes)
Larva Heroes Lavengers Mod APK 2.8.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Heroes)

Larva Heroes Lavengers Mod APK 2.8.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Heroes)

By TT - March 14, 2022
Name LMHMOD Larva Heroes Lavengers
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher tubaN
Size 93M
Version 2.8.9
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked Heroes
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Update March 14, 2022 (9 months ago )

Larva Heroes Lavengers Mod is a fun action game inspired by the famous cartoon, Avengers and Larva. You will meet again the super dirty colorful larvae in the movie and accompany them in tower defense battles. In a word, you will use these larvae to fight invaders, to protect your home. But there are dozens of types of larvae to explore, each with different characteristics and fighting abilities. You can combine many larval heroes in a formation to confront the enemy. Do not forget to upgrade them regularly to increase their strength, helping to hinder increasingly powerful opponents. Besides, you can take advantage of skills and support potions to turn the game around. What is your strategy? Show it off in this game and win spectacularly.

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Every time I hear the game tower defense, I immediately think of bustling shooting wars with dozens of modern weapons such as cannons, bombs, and even tanks. But since playing Larva Heroes Lavengers, I have had a different mindset. There are no guns or cannons here, your defensive weapons are the larvae. They are tiny but powerful warriors, ready to face a series of enemies just to protect their homes. You will gather them in a formation according to your own strategy, then bring them all to the battlefield to fight the invaders. It sounds like a big deal, but the invaders here are also larvae, sometimes with zombies, skeletons, and most importantly, slightly larger animals. However, I am not saying this game is easy to play. On the contrary, it is more complicated than it seems on the surface.


Forming an army of larvae

In the game, you will immediately meet two tacticians, the yellow larva and the red larva. These two are already too familiar because they appear in most of Larva’s movies (Naughty Larva). They are also the two leaders of your larval army, but you can only control one. In the first few levels, it seems that you only need these two warriors to defeat the enemy. But later, when the enemy is stronger and more numerous, you will have to increase the number of troops and at the same time upgrade each warrior in the team.

The game has more than 360 levels from easy to difficult. In it, each level will have three stages, ending with a battle with the Boss. You will have to control your army through all the stages to unlock the next level. During the fight, you will control the commander larva on your own. Just tap on the left to move, click on the right to attack. However, you should not confront the enemy directly. Instead, you should let the other larvae go first, the commander larva stands to attack from a distance. Besides, during the battle, you can call new warriors to join the battle. Or use support skills such as increasing the health of the army or reducing damage from enemies. But use them sensibly, because you need to wait a while for the skills to recover before using them again.


Unlock and upgrade your army

Larva Heroes Lavengers Mod has quite a variety, as diverse as any tower defense game. They are divided into types such as warriors, archers, magicians… Each type will have its own advantages and be effective in each battle. However, what is important is how you will combine the types. Do you prefer defense or attack, that will determine your hero choices?

In addition, the upgrade is equally important. You need to upgrade for each larva in the squad. The higher the level, the stronger the larvae because of the increased stats in HP, attack, defense, and more. When they reach a certain number of level points, they can evolve and bring unexpected effects. This will give you an edge in increasingly complex challenges.


Fun graphics and sounds

With the theme of larvae, Larva Heroes Lavengers has a unique design style, which is unmistakable humor. The image of the larvae described is very close to the original film, plus the expressions and gestures are also lifelike. But each has its own beauty, creating an extremely rich and familiar character system. Their combat effects in the match are also very vivid, the movement is smooth, the background is colorful. And especially, the sound with vibrant background music also contributes to the attraction of the game.

Larva Heroes Lavengers Mod will be a bright spot in the tower defense series. It’s simple, close, lovely but also challenging to test your ability. This game has attracted millions of installs on Google Play and received many positive reviews from gamers. Although it has been released for a long time, the attraction of the game is indisputable. So it can be a great “appetizer” in your leisure time.

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