LifeAfter: Night falls Mod APK 1.0.160 (Full)
LifeAfter: Night falls Mod APK 1.0.160 (Full)

LifeAfter: Night falls Mod APK 1.0.160 (Full)

By TT - May 4, 2022
Name LMHMOD LifeAfter: Night falls
Category Adventure
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher X.D. Global
Size 78MB
Version 1.0.160
MOD Features Full
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Update May 4, 2022 (7 months ago )

LifeAfter: Night falls Mod is a new survival battle where you venture into a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. It begins after the most terrible mutation in human history. And now, everything is about to fall apart with more than half of the people being bloodthirsty zombies. Resources are increasingly meager, residences are also increasingly crowded by enemies. You and the rest of the survivors must act to survive and hope for the restoration of the human world. Take advantage of the terrain to deploy battle plans with your team. Use heavy weapons ranging from guns to tanks, cannons, and more to finish off a large number of zombies. Moreover, use human wisdom to fight the evil nature of the undead. They are encroaching deeper and deeper into your world, can you fight back?

Download LifeAfter: Night falls Mod – The big battle with the zombie crowd

The zombie theme is again exploited in LifeAfter: Night falls, the game from the publisher X.D. Global. It is not like the classic battle royale games but is really a great battle between humans and zombies. There, you can make friends and interact with other players to survive. You can work with them to build bases, search for resources and items, fight, defend, and more. Do everything to survive and become true warriors in the greatest pandemic of mankind. Winning gives you achievements, trophies, and bonuses to enjoy shopping and upgrading. The game map is also very large and diverse, spanning many unique terrains. Brainstorm strategies for combat across a variety of terrains and learn to take advantage of nature.


Make friends and survive together

After humanity witnessed the biggest mutation ever, an organization called Dawn Break announced that humans can live well in the appearance of half-human and zombies. But that is crazy because you will lose all the best things in looks, personality, and intelligence and undergo a permanent transformation. So, unable to accept the fate of losing humanity, you will join a group of other survivors to fight together to take back the world. Cooperate with them effectively to prolong survival. Don’t close yourself in some dark corner and listen to the scary roar of zombies. You can be open to sharing food with friends, chatting, and making plans together to survive the darkest of nights.

In the survival journey, you need to move often to search for resources. Nature is increasingly depleted and the climate is increasingly harsh, moving to many places is not as easy as it used to be. Besides, there is always a competition for power and the right to live between survivors and zombies. So you have to be really cautious to have effective trips. You and your team need enough water, food, weapons, and construction resources… to live well. You also need to build a safe shelter to hide in the dark nights.


Explore weapon systems and vehicles

To fight, of course, you cannot lack weapons. LifeAfter: Night falls Mod gives you many options to deploy separate battle plans. If you need a total attack at close range, you can use shotguns, rifles, machine guns, tanks… Meanwhile, sniper rifles or bombs will be useful in raids and attacks. from far away. Use the minimap as a light to guide you and your team. You can know the current location and location of buildings and make predictions for moving directions. Moreover, the map also helps to identify the surrounding terrain, thereby suggesting reasonable strategies for you.


Intuitive controls, realistic 3D graphics

In terms of controls, it is quite familiar to many gamers who love survival games. You just need to use the joystick to move and click the skill buttons to launch attacks. Specifically, the skill buttons will include the button to fire, reload, sit, jump, aim, use rockets, knives … In battle, you need to make quick and wise decisions when switching between many attack forms.


The battles are vividly depicted on the phone thanks to the 3D design. It offers realistic visuals and eye-catching combat effects. Zombie images are equally realistic, movements such as moving, shooting, driving … are also very smooth. The game context depicts a large open world ravaged by zombies. It makes the survival experience more real and relatable.

LifeAfter: Night falls Mod will not disappoint you with attractive survival gameplay. Do not hesitate to join the game and immediately start your survival journey with many like-minded players. Search for resources, build, defend, fight, and more. Do everything to win the pandemic and end the impossible missions in victory.

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