Magic Rampage Mod APK 5.5.2 (Unlimited Money)
Magic Rampage Mod APK 5.5.2 (Unlimited Money)

Magic Rampage Mod APK 5.5.2 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 11, 2022
Name Magic Rampage
Version 5.5.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 113MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Role Playing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Asantee
Update May 11, 2022 (2 months ago )

Magic Rampage Mod is a role-playing game with platformer style and fast-paced action gameplay. By joining the game, gamers will have the opportunity to become a part of the endless battle journey in the dungeon. You can be a mage, warrior, ninja, thief and more and have your own mission. Your mission is to destroy the dungeon enemies to free the darkness from the world. In the journey to complete the mission, you will have to encounter dozens of different enemies. The level system in campaign mode will help you go from novice to pro. While Boss battles will make you excited and nervous. Moreover, you can compete with real players in online mode. Rush into the dungeon and show your strength to end all wars in victory.

Download Magic Rampage Mod – Action RPG with dungeon setting

Magic Rampage’s variety of gameplay will keep you hooked. It brings the charm of RPG and action gameplay, plus the classic beauty of the platformer genre. Moreover, it is built in a typical dungeon setting – a very popular theme on phones. Thanks to that, this is truly a fascinating experience.

You can enjoy epic dungeon wars, uncover ancient mysteries and search for treasures. In your endless journey, you can meet enemies of various shapes and challenges from the terrain. Dungeon map with creative design and impressive classic look. It is also part of your difficulties, requiring flexible and rhythmic movements. Attractive gameplay, simple and addictive gameplay, what do you think?


Explore challenges in multiple modes

If you are a new player, start in campaign mode. It is an endless journey through many levels, allowing you to venture into the castle and solve the mysteries there. You will encounter many enemies, from walking skeletons, dragons, bats, zombies, ghosts, and even tough bosses. They have their own skill mechanics and are unpredictable, requiring your delicate and keen observation to overcome. Besides, you will have the opportunity to discover many mysteries in the dungeon. They can reveal to you the origin of the rise from the dark, the fate of the ancient kingdom, the location of the treasure, and more.

Besides, if you love competition, come to PvP mode, where you have to compete with opponents online. Randomly generated dungeons with lots of obstacles. You and your opponent, who will conquer them with a higher score? Winning will bring you bonuses and titles. In addition, the boss fight or survival mode is also quite interesting. It’s usually more intense, as the enemies you face will be much stronger. However, the accompanying rewards are equally attractive.


Design and upgrade heroes

To join the battles in Magic Rampage Mod, you need to accompany powerful heroes. There are many hero classes to choose from, including Mage, Warrior, Druid, Warlock, Rogue, Paladin, and more. Each hero class possesses its own strengths and has the ability to use certain equipment and weapons. If you choose to play as a mage, you have the ability to attack with magical moves. Meanwhile, if you are a warrior, you will have a good melee ability with your stick.

Over time, you need to upgrade your hero to improve stats like speed, attack range, health, jump ability, and more. You can do that by upgrading the hero’s level and adding the necessary equipment. Visit the store and find items like weapons, armor, shoes, items, and more. Of course, these items will need you to pay with gold coins. You can also sell off unnecessary items to exchange for new ones.


Classic 2D dungeon map

The dungeon world is vividly depicted on the 2D graphics platform. It has a classic beauty, reminiscent of previous 16-bit games. The images of the heroes are beautifully and meticulously designed. The dungeon context is quite diverse, including many types of terrain and rich enemy systems. Besides, the effects from each move are also very impressive, making you unable to take your eyes off the battle. Jumping, and moving left and right are all very smooth.


Don’t miss Magic Rampage Mod if you love mobile RPG experience. Choose your favorite hero class, role-play your character, and rampage through the dungeon setting to defeat hideous bosses. Your enemies are getting bigger and stronger, but you have many great upgrade possibilities. Visit the store and shop, upgrade according to your strategy and score new achievements.

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