Mod APK 2.1.25 (Unlimited Money) Mod APK 2.1.25 (Unlimited Money) Mod APK 2.1.25 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - June 23, 2022
Version 2.1.25
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 95MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update June 23, 2022 (6 days ago )

It’s time to join Mod and compete with the top magicians to become the champion. This game is an online role-playing experience with a classic Minecraft design. The gameplay mechanism is also very simple, but addictive enough for gamers in time. You will control your mage with a few basic operations. But how to move, how to fight, and how to defend all depends on your strategy. Competitive battles delight you with beautiful effects and enhanced tactical elements. Moreover, you can upgrade the mage in many ways to discover the endless threshold of power. What’s better than simple battles with increasing difficulty? And your opponents are real players around the world.

Download Mod – Attractive PvP battles on 3D graphics

This game is an online survival arena exclusively for the mobile platform. You can play it anytime and anywhere even offline or online. It has attracted millions of players thanks to its fun and addictive survival gameplay. It does not require you to have too many skills and manipulations, but definitely a wise strategy. In other words, the survival arena here is a place reserved for strategists. There, you play as a legendary magician and fight against top wizards. The game has many game modes and different locations to explore. The system of heroes, weapons, and missions is also very rich, enough for you to explore for a long time. Now is the time to test your survival skills.

Play as a mage and fight your way

Basically, the game has two main modes, including PvE and PvP. In the first mode, the game consists of a sequential level system. At each level, your mission is to defeat AI enemies to receive rewards, level up, and expand your adventure. Meanwhile, the PvP mode brings you into the mortal arena with real opponents around the world. The gameplay in the two modes is no different, but of course, the PvP arena is always more bustling and attractive. Moreover, you will get better rewards with titles and promotion points in this mode. But the battle journey in PvE mode allows you to explore many unique enemies and maps.

So, just pick your favorite mode, then choose your mage and weapon, and jump right into a fight. On the battlefield, you need to master skill manipulations to gain an advantage over the enemy. Specifically, you will move the character with the joystick and attack by clicking on the skill icon. It’s pretty simple, but you need to combine operations properly. At the same time, you need a smart move strategy to both dodge damage and attack the target. Moreover, observe the battlefield situation and your conditions to have a reasonable attack and defense strategy. Each fight only lasts a few minutes, so even a small mistake is enough to make you lose in regret.

Unlock and upgrade heroes Mod owns a fairly diverse character system. Although all characters are magicians, each has its own appearance and strength. Some mages can use the power of fire, others attack with the power of water, ice, electricity, and more. There is no stronger skill, only your strategy and mastery will do your advantage. But to diversify the action strategy, you should unlock many heroes. Besides, you can’t forget to upgrade them.

Over time, your hero will be upgraded to gain better power. But to speed up the level up, you need many victories. So, try to equip the magician with unique weapons and equipment. They are available in stores and include a variety of varieties. Specifically, you can find magic books, trees, magic wands, and more. In particular, magic sticks have quite a few types and each type will give its own skill effect. To purchase these, you need to accumulate gold coins and diamonds.

Vast 3D battlefield map

Vast online battlefields designed on creative Minecraft-style 3D graphics. It can be a classic stronghold, a magical land, a desert, a land of ice, and more. Each place has its own characteristics of topography and landscape. Not only does creating newness but the unique terrain in each location also affects your survival strategy. The character design is equally simple and fun. Each combat effect is also very lively, the music is pure and cheerful.

So, there’s no reason to turn down a great survival experience like this, right? Mod will make you fascinated with fascinating survival battles on colorful 3D battlefields. Play as a mage and show your survival talent. The battles with attractive rewards will be the place for you to compete and rank up.

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