MARVEL Strike Force Mod APK 6.1.3 (Menu, Damage, Defense)
MARVEL Strike Force Mod APK 6.1.3 (Menu, Damage, Defense)

MARVEL Strike Force Mod APK 6.1.3 (Menu, Damage, Defense)

By TT - May 25, 2022
Name LMHMOD MARVEL Strike Force
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Scopely
Size 138MB
Version 6.1.3
MOD Features Menu, Damage, Defense
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update May 25, 2022 (6 months ago )

Let’s gather heroes and join the fight to save the earth in the MARVEL Strike Force Mod game. It is an attractive RPG game with a turn-based combat style, requiring the strategy and experience of gamers on every battlefield. You need to show wise leadership to combine various heroes in your squad and gain an advantage over your enemies. Build a 5v5 squad with many familiar heroes from the cult Marvel movie, harness the power of the entire team and end the war in a flash. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover dozens of different unique heroes and their mysterious stories. Your enemies are the forces that invade the earth, who get stronger over time. So always be ready with your allies.

Download MARVEL Strike Force Mod – Endless war in the superhero world

Perhaps you are no stranger to the famous superheroes in the cult Marvel series. But have you ever thought of becoming their leader and not someone else, like Captain America? Then come to MARVEL Strike Force and learn how to be the best leader. Your mission is to gather heroes from the Marvel cinematic universe to fight off the alien enemies’ attack on Earth. In particular, your characters are not just righteous superheroes. The cult villain force is also present to fight for the destruction of humanity. It’s like describing the concept of “multiverse” that you often hear.


Forming a strategic formation

The gameplay of the game is turn-based. You need to form a squad of 5 hero positions to join the fight and defeat the enemy. Each hero has their own skills, but they can be combined when in the same squad. You can choose them in various positions on the battlefield, then enjoy the impressive performance that unfolds. During the battle, you can click on heroes and choose their skill cards to attack. You can also choose your own goals to fight, so you seem to have a pretty big influence on your achievements.

The arrangement of the squad requires a strategic element and a gamer’s understanding of each character. You need to know which heroes are more offensive and which are more defensive and supportive. Besides, learn carefully their techniques to make the most of them when attacking. Many skills of a hero can be combined with others to create powerful battle combos. Thereby creating diversity in tactics and creating opportunities for gamers’ creativity.


Discover the unique hero system

As you know, MARVEL Strike Force Mod brings familiar hero images to the Marvel cinematic universe. You will find typical names like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Captain America, Black Widow, or even Venom. They are all superheroes with a unique set of 4 skills. Moreover, each hero will have up to 6 equipment slots to upgrade, thereby improving attack and defense stats, towards comprehensive development.

You can collect the necessary equipment to upgrade each hero. Choose armor, gloves, or items that help heal, increase strength, increase speed, increase HP, and defense. But there is no standard formula for item combos and equipment for all heroes. Each hero will fit different equipment depending on their strength and ability. After being upgraded, the hero will be stronger because of the improvement in many aspects. Each person will have a certain strength stat and number of stars, representing their value.


High-end 3D graphics, realistic images

The game gives you super epic battles on the 3D graphics platform. Character images are carefully polished in terms of appearance and combat skills. They are designed almost like the original version but modified in terms of skill effects. Despite keeping the familiar features, superheroes are now more new than ever. The battlefield scene is also very rich. The enemy system is also quite diverse, including many unique looks. Meanwhile, the combat and sound effects are quite good, contributing to the impressive, eye-catching, and ear-catching performances.


Overall, MARVEL Strike Force Mod is a great choice to explore the interesting story of superheroes. Now, iconic Marvel characters come to life on screen and under your control. You will bring them into the battlefield to show your skills and strength, contributing to protecting humanity from all attacks. Showcase your strategy to get the most out of them and seize the opportunity to advance.

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