Megapolis Mod APK 6.02 (Unlimited Money)
Megapolis Mod APK 6.02 (Unlimited Money)

Megapolis Mod APK 6.02 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 11, 2022
Name LMHMOD Megapolis
Category Strategy
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Social Quantum Ltd
Size 88MB
Version 6.02
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Update May 11, 2022 (7 months ago )

Love a city-building simulation game on your phone? So try Megapolis Mod and enjoy the best. It is a construction simulation game with 3D graphics, a rich construction system, and simple operation. No matter who you are and what age you are, just download the game and get access to the game easily. In the game, you can decide everything to design a city of your own. You’ll start with the smallest of buildings, then move on to a park, research center, industrial complex, and more. Do everything at your disposal to develop the city of your dreams and attract residents to live and work. Do not forget to pay attention to the development of infrastructure, including roads, waterways, trains, aviation, and more. Build, strategize and expand, it’s all up to you. A big city is in your hands.

Download Megapolis Mod – Develop a city in a vast 3D world

Building games like Megapolis always attract the attention of many players. Simply because it is realistic and possesses beautiful graphics. You will never get bored with the game, as it offers many opportunities to develop your city. You can build everything you want and enjoy the city from a third-person perspective.

The game offers multiple camera angles for you to rotate the city and view it from multiple directions. You can even see its true rhythm with traffic, transport, people, nature, and more. With a well-thought-out design, the game will make you unable to ignore it. And with its simple gameplay, it will easily appeal to gamers of all ages. The game is available on mobile to download and play. But pay attention, it will be quite picky about the device because of the high-end graphics.


Build the infrastructure

The foundation of a city is its infrastructure, which includes buildings, structures, transportation, and more. You need to start from the smallest unit, which is the house. After that, you can develop small buildings into high-rise apartments, and unlock buildings such as shopping malls, commercial centers, restaurants, etc. Gradually, you can build urban rhythms of life, creating places to live and jobs for people, thereby attracting residents. Besides, do not forget to decorate your city with statues and parks, build tourist areas, and explore. It will help ensure urban beauty and at the same time attract tourists for economic development.

However, if it were all without traffic, your city is just a model. You know, traffic and transportation play an important role, helping residents move, transporting goods, and promoting economic movement from one place to another. Therefore, you need to build different forms of transportation, such as roads, railways, seas, and air. You will need to invest in highways, stations, trains, seaports, ships, planes, airports, and more. When these things take off, you can see the economy in the clouds. It generates a lot of wealth and services and ensures the satisfaction of the residents’ needs and the equitable development of the city. Even the multinational economy has grown amazingly.


Military development and scientific research

The economy is important but not everything in Megapolis Mod. You need to ensure many other factors, including political, military, social, and scientific. The military is the foundation to ensure politics, help your city and country develop sustainably, and prevent the scrutiny of outside forces. So you need to build military zones, develop troops, training facilities, weapons, missiles, nukes, and more. Besides, scientific and technological factors will support the military and the economy.

Take time to research and discover new materials, and upgrade engineering skills and high-tech equipment. You can unlock survey boats, sonar gauges, submerged ships, and more. Those things can help you explore the sky, travel to space, and mine the oceans. Furthermore, you will need material handling plants, resources, extraction, and refining centers to fuel ships and rockets.


3D graphics, wide viewing angle

Your city is visually and vividly rendered in 3D graphics. It successfully simulates real buildings, vehicular movement, continuous operation of factories, and residential activities. Besides, the game allows you to rotate 360 ​​degrees to observe the corners of the city. The background is always bright and colorful, making you unable to escape the strange attraction.


All in all, if you love a design and build experience, don’t miss the Megapolis Mod. It helps you to fulfill your dream to build and develop a beautiful city. That city has unique buildings, convenient transportation, and outstanding development in economy, politics, society, and more.

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