Modern Combat 5 Mod APK 5.8.7a (Dumb Bots)
Modern Combat 5 Mod APK 5.8.7a (Dumb Bots)

Modern Combat 5 Mod APK 5.8.7a (Dumb Bots)

By TT - May 4, 2022
Name Modern Combat 5
Version 5.8.7a
MOD Features Dumb Bots
Size 52MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Gameloft SE
Update May 4, 2022 (2 months ago )

Modern Combat 5 Mod is a hit FPS game released by Gameloft. It is the sequel to the Modern Combat series and is the most beloved of the series. Join the game, you can become a part of the war on terror with the opportunity to use heavy weapons and attack strategies on a large scale. You can play solo or form a team to combine with other players around the world. Moreover, this is an opportunity to explore epic locations vividly depicted on 3D graphics. Every movement in the game is very smooth, the fiery battle effect makes every fight come to life. Don’t hesitate to join the battle and jump into PvP mode if you are pro enough. The ranking competition has never been this fierce.

Download Modern Combat 5 Mod – Epic FPS gameplay with high-end graphics

Referring to one of the most worth-playing FPS games on mobile, Modern Combat 5 must definitely be mentioned, the game has reached more than 100 million installs. It is carefully invested in many aspects, from weapon systems, vehicles, maps, consoles, graphics, and more. It promises the most intense FPS wars in multiple modes, both single and multiplayer. Moreover, you can interact with other players by chat or voice easily. The connection doesn’t stop there. Gamers can compete with each other on online leaderboards. All work hard for rankings and unique rewards like skins, guns, and more.


Many exciting campaigns to explore

Do not hesitate to discover a series of exciting modes, including:

Capture the flag: A classic mode very familiar in many online shooting games. It is organized by teams and your task is to keep the flag the longest to win against the other team. The opponent will be aggressively hunting for the flag bearer, so make sure your teammates can defend effectively.

Single Player: Single-player campaign that gives you exciting single-player wars. Show your fighting skills as an assassin on the vast 3D battlefield. Enemies are everywhere, and you have no teammates with you.

Ranked PvP: This is the fiercest battlefield for you to compete and rank up with the gaming community. But make sure you are strong enough to compete because the battle here is not easy. Your enemies are real players. And you can play solo or form a team.

In addition, the game also has a number of other modes such as Team Deathmatch, Push the Payload, Free for all Battle Royale, and more. The properties of the modes will be different, but the control mechanism and the style of actions will remain the same. You need to control your character with a joystick while clicking the skill buttons to attack. It includes buttons to shoot, run, sit, aim, and use bombs. These operations are too familiar to fans of shooters. But the nature of the fight in Modern Combat 5 Mod is much faster than in other games. Therefore, it will challenge both your skill and experience on the battlefield.


Weapon system and map

Weapons are indispensable for FPS games. It includes many different types, of which guns are the most typical. You can find pistols, rifles, machine guns, flamethrowers, shotguns, etc. Each gun will have its own advantages, which are expressed through indicators such as rate of fire, number of bullets, recoil, and more. So consider using different guns in each of your fights. Besides, each player can choose one of the roles to create an advantage, including Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support …

Besides guns, it is impossible not to mention the map system. Some of the maps in the game are inspired by Greek battlefields, some are deserts, warehouses, and more. Each map type will have different terrain, so you will need your own strategies to fight. Make good use of terrain, weapons, and vehicles and combine with teammates to make effective strategies. Do not hesitate to communicate with each other through the chat feature to increase interactivity.


Realistic images, smooth motion

The game will not disappoint you with a high-end 3D graphics style. It brings realistic and modern images, highlighting the image of future warriors. The battlefield context is also very diverse, large, and designed with many unique terrain types. The movements are also quite smooth and the combat effects are eye-catching. Sound is also a factor that makes the game attractive, making every battle more epic than ever.

Modern Combat 5 Mod is an interesting choice that gamers who love the shooting genre cannot miss. Join it and act your way to conquer every battlefield in multiple modes. You can participate in many missions to hunt for great rewards including guns, items, and unique skins. Moreover, don’t miss the big events to look for great rewards.

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