Monster Super League Mod APK 1.0.22042706 (Unlimited Money)
Monster Super League Mod APK 1.0.22042706 (Unlimited Money)

Monster Super League Mod APK 1.0.22042706 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 30, 2022
Name Monster Super League
Version 1.0.22042706
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 68MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Four Thirty Three
Update May 30, 2022 (1 month ago )

Welcome to Monster Super League Mod, beautiful magical land full of adventures. You will become a part of the Astromons federation and can be the owner of adorable monsters. Get ready with your strategy to collect, train, and battle with Astromons. It’s reminiscent of the legendary Pokemon game, isn’t it? But it is a new journey with many surprises waiting for you ahead. You will explore with your monsters through many places in the magical fantasy world, encounter many enemies, and uncover mysteries. Use mystical books of magic and power stones to power up your monsters. Make them true warriors and you can be the greatest master. (The Toan)

Download Monster Super League Mod – Role-playing gameplay with a fantasy setting

Get ready to be a part of the beautiful fantasy world in the Monster Super League. The scene begins in the land of Latecia, a dreamlike place with mysterious legends about magic. However, this land is gradually becoming chaotic as the evil forces grow stronger. Therefore, the goddess of light is in need of help from true warriors. You can be one of them with a mission to help restore the balance of the world and bring back the inherent peace to the land of Latecia. Are you ready to do it now? It will captivate you for hours with its engaging storyline, beautiful anime graphics, and rich character system. Those things will lead you to an unprecedented endless adventure. Don’t hesitate to get started.


Immerse yourself in adventures

Join the game, you will have the opportunity to become a monster trainer. You will start hunting Astromons living in the natural world and train them to become true warriors. This quest leads you to many places in the world, meet many characters, and discover countless surprises. Astromons come in different varieties and are rated from common to rare. You need to have a good understanding of each Astromon in your squad to know how to take advantage of them in a variety of situations. Furthermore, consider the most effective combination to create a strong Astromons lineup. You have many battles to face during your adventure journey.

By clicking on monster cards, you can build squads and go to war. In battle, your task is to select warriors to help them attack the target. But you can also choose auto mode to do nothing. Simply watch the battle, enjoy the exciting atmosphere and gain combat experience. The battles will become more and more difficult as you have to confront terrible enemies. They could be dungeon monsters of enormous size and boundless strength. So you have to change your strategy often, collect new rare monsters, and upgrade your squad. Don’t let the battles get in the way of your adventure in Monster Super League Mod.


Upgrade your monster squad

The upgrade element in this game is quite diverse. You can send monsters into the battlefield to accumulate experience points, thereby leveling up and gaining better strength. Besides, you can use power stones to help them gain new powers. Or add equipment and items to improve combat stats. After being upgraded, your monster legion can be improved in both appearance and strength. You will find them getting better and better, along with new forms of combat.

Besides, to increase the winning rate, you can join a clan to combine with many other players around the world. All players can share useful information and experiences, fight together and conquer difficult matches. Or if you love competition, don’t hesitate to join the PvP battlefield where you can meet other monster masters. Victory will bring you many valuable rewards, helping to upgrade the squad significantly.


Cute and funny anime design

The game will impress you with its clean and sharp graphic design. It brings anime-style characters that are both cute and cool. Besides, each character possesses impressive appearance and performance effects. They create fiery battles, creating endless inspiration for your adventure journey. The game world is also very well described, highlighting the mysterious fantasy setting. Moreover, the sound is also great with the catchy, lively background music.


Overall, Monster Super League Mod is a pretty cool role-playing game. It has all the elements that make the appeal to the role-playing and adventure genres. You won’t be able to stop halfway while enjoying the top-notch fights. Moreover, the game world will be increasingly open with new quests, allowing you to meet new characters and explore more.

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