Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator Mod APK 0.630 (Unlimited Money)
Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator Mod APK 0.630 (Unlimited Money)

Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator Mod APK 0.630 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 24, 2022
Name Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator
Version 0.630
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 33MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Adventure
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Birdy Dog Studio
Update May 24, 2022 (1 month ago )

Explore Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator Mod to enjoy the idyllic life on a remote archipelago. Here, you can do what you want to build a world of your own. You can choose a career, build a house, a nest, a business, travel, and adventure on every beautiful island. This open world allows you to go anywhere by car, train, and more. As such, it’s like a real-world simulation game from a third-person perspective. With 3D graphic design, every scene is lifelike, making you unable to take your eyes off the screen. Show your limitless creativity to design what you want. Turn the unspoiled archipelago into the most bustling metropolis, earn money from tourism, the clothing trade, livestock, agriculture… Are you ready to enjoy these things?

Download Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator Mod – Life simulator gameplay

Have you ever thought about an almost real virtual world? It is what happens in Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator. It is an incredible game with a large open world, bright background, and an idyllic pace of life. A life that everyone dreams of is here. Now you can join it and design your own life. You will have the opportunity to build your own island or simply be a tourist with a passion for discovery. This world is full of interesting mysteries to conquer, such as resources, loot, strange lore, and more. It’s not easy to build everything from scratch. But when you work hard, you can be the richest person on the island. Look for resources to build and develop your island.


Design your life

First, you need to choose a career to begin your journey of discovery. There are no constraints in this, you can choose jobs that match your interests like a firefighter, truck driver, ambulance worker, scavenger, farmer, and more. Any profession is worthy of respect and generates money for you to live on. You can even become an integral part of society. But each career will direct you on a different journey of experience. You can enjoy everyday tasks, such as tending the fields or taking care of emergencies. So please consider before choosing.

Next, start building your home when you’re ready. The house is where you live and build a home. Use building materials like wood, wall paint, gauze, wallpaper, murals, furniture, and more. Customize them in a variety of combinations to create your favorite home. But things are not easy to perfect in a day or two. You need to work, accumulate money to buy materials, then continue to build and upgrade until the house of your dreams is complete. You can even build a large residential area as long as you can afford it.


Develop economic and explore the world

To build a thriving island in Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator Mod, you can’t just focus on yourself. Navigate to the surrounding areas, start exploring the environment, and look for resources and potential things. You can use materials to craft and create tools, clothes, weapons, and other essentials. Moreover, you can participate in agricultural activities to build large farms, helping to produce food and animal food. If you have a business talent, try entering the real estate market. Create houses in your area and sell them to other residents, why not?

Besides, don’t let the job hinder your passion for travel. On the islands, there are many beautiful places to explore. You can drive a car or train to go to all regions, visit vast fields, sunny beaches and more. The driving mechanism is quite simple and optimal. So the biggest obstacle is just your enjoyment. Take your time to explore this vast open world.


Realistic and vivid 3D graphics

With 3D graphic design, the game successfully simulates a lifelike virtual world. It offers stunning views from a first-person perspective. Landscapes, houses, climate, environment… are all lifelike. Your every movement when interacting with them is also very smooth. In particular, music will always accompany your trip. Enjoy the scenery and melodious melodies to relax all the time.

So, Ocean Is Home: Island Life Simulator Mod is an option not to be missed. It offers an unprecedented authentic experience for you to build a new life on the island. Do what you want to develop an advanced residential area and earn money from many industries and fields. Becoming a hardworking farmer or a real estate investor, what do you think?

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