Parking King Mod APK 1.0.28 (MENU, SPEED, FREE CAR -999999)
Parking King Mod APK 1.0.28 (MENU, SPEED, FREE CAR -999999)

Parking King Mod APK 1.0.28 (MENU, SPEED, FREE CAR -999999)

By HN - May 27, 2022
Name LMHMOD Parking King
Category Racing
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher mobirix
Size 47MB
Version 1.0.28
MOD Features MENU, SPEED, FREE CAR -999999
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Update May 27, 2022 (6 months ago )

Parking King Mod simulates the process of driving and parking cars on many different terrains. Especially using realistic control mechanisms. Recreate basic driving features for you to use when operating a car. The game belongs to the racing game genre, provided by mobirix. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to compete with other players. Through the game modes provided by the publisher. Promises to bring a very authentic driving experience. Along with that is a lot of features waiting to be discovered. Learn multiple parking patterns in stages. Use shield items to protect vehicles, and prevent collisions. Supports multiple camera angles to provide a realistic viewing angle. Leaderboards and rankings are also supported. Combine 16 languages, suitable for many players in the world.

Download Parking King Mod – Drive And Park Your Car In The Right Place Required

Let every player participating in Parking King Mod have the most realistic driving experience. The game has supported 2 different viewing angles. Can be flexibly changed, depending on your wishes. That’s first-person and third-person. Each viewing angle brings a unique driving feeling. Using the first-person perspective will give you the most realistic driving experience. By simulating the steering system with a view from the cabin. Can observe the dashboard, and the features in the car. But with limited visibility, if you are not careful, you will collide. Besides, the third perspective allows you to see the whole. From the movement of the wheel to the process of the car moving. With the advantage of being able to park accurately, by observing from the rear of the car.Parking King Mod

Control system

Before you start driving, you will be given detailed instructions by Parking King Mod. From operations to operating principles of cars. The control mechanism is designed in the form of icons and arrow keys. Realistic driving system simulation. To move the car forward, backward, park, and into N. You need to use the automatic gearshift lever and select the corresponding letters on it. Likewise, the left corner of the screen shows the brake and accelerator pedals. Used to control the vehicle to move and slow down, come to a complete stop. In the right corner of the screen is the simulated steering wheel. Help you navigate the car moving on the road. In general, the control system is not too complicated. But it is necessary to understand the operating principle of the car to operate. For example, before going forward, it is necessary to enter D.Game Parking King Mod

Exciting gameplay, collect stars

The gameplay of Parking King Mod is quite simple. Take place according to each different game screen. In ascending order, with difficulty improving through each level. Your duty is to drive in the parking lot. Observe the position displayed to advance. During driving need to collect stars. Don’t miss any stars that appear on the road. After parking the car in the correct location, the mission will be completed. Achievements are represented by the number of stars. Based on the driving process and the number of stars required in a level. Fulfilling the given conditions will result in excellent achievement. Continue the new level to start the next parking mission. As said earlier, the difficulty will increase. At the parking position, there are many obstacles around. Makes you very vulnerable to collisions.Parking King Mod

Objects, using shields

The biggest difficulty in parking at Parking King Mod is the obstacles. Those are objects that stand in the way of movement. Or the parking model will be changed through each level, making it difficult for you to drive. Especially at the parking spot, there are cars around. Signs, medians, and warning objects. If you are not careful, you will get hit. That will reduce your achievements. Unable to complete the excellent task. Therefore, it can be said that skills are very important in the process of driving and parking. It is necessary to continuously improve in order to raise the ability. Combine observing the way around to move. At the same time, a defensive shield can be used to prevent the vehicle from colliding with obstacles.Download Parking King Mod

Currently, Parking King Mod has two main game modes. Includes challenge mode and online mode. For the challenge mode, you will drive and park the car in position according to each level. Complete the mission to move to the next level. When you feel confident about your driving and parking skills. Can participate in online multiplayer mode. Compete with online competitors from all over the world. Win against them to raise personal ratings. He is well known for his series of achievements.

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