Penguin Isle MOD APK 1.48.1 (Unlimited Money)
Penguin Isle MOD APK 1.48.1 (Unlimited Money)

Penguin Isle MOD APK 1.48.1 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - June 26, 2022
Name Penguin Isle
Version 1.48.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 92MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Habby
Update June 26, 2022 (1 week ago )

Having a family pet is a hobby for many people. You can raise dogs, cats, and fish in your house to create a happier, less lonely atmosphere. But have you ever thought about keeping penguins in your family? Keeping this animal as a pet is in fact not easy at all. Don’t worry, come to the world of super funny and cute penguins in Penguin Isle. This gameplay allows players to experience the work of raising penguins in their own homes. Buy them and take care of them. New hobbies are being known by many players. The number of downloads is increasing, the gaming community is more and more crowded. The game is completely free, so is this mod version, a super product for android.

Download Penguin Isle MOD – Discover interesting things in the penguin village

Penguin Isle MOD brings you to the world of extremely adorable penguins. A cute appearance makes players can not help but notice them. The climate in the Antarctic region is extremely cold and harsh, but it is very suitable for this animal to grow and thrive. Your main task is to develop this place into a dreamlike penguin paradise. To be able to do this you cannot do it alone. Need the support and help of the penguins. This animal has a short appearance, has wings but cannot fly because its wings are too small. They can dive in the water, catch themselves to eat when they grow up. Live on an iceberg floating in the middle of the ocean. With these birds for company, players will not feel lonely or bored. Assign work to each child to do, Feed them when they complete the task. Your dream project will be completed soon.

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Cute appearance, very talented

On the surface, the penguins are very cute, a bit silly, stupid. But they have a very special talent. As mentioned above, our penguins can take care of the tasks you give them. Each child will have a unique skill, performing separate jobs. For example, if you need to build snowmen, choose construction birds. If you need a team that specializes in cooking tasks, chef birds are a reasonable choice. It sounds pretty ridiculous but these are completely true. Because the publisher wants to reduce the work that players have to do. Instead of doing it all yourself, you can split them up. Learn the information of each type to help you perform this operation more accurately.

Endless Resources

You would think that building great structures on this ice island in the middle of the sea is extremely difficult and expensive. But not because the force that you have is extremely numerous. Moreover, the game’s resources are endless. When new to the game, finding resources will be quite difficult. Because you don’t have many birds at this time, there are very few gold coins that can’t buy new individuals to breed. When you get to a higher level, after completing the task, you will have more money to buy new positions. As the number of birds increases, resource extraction also becomes easier. Not only that, even when you are off, the resource is still exploited automatically. This is only available in the exclusive Penguin Isle MOD version on vothanvosong.

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Fun graphics and sounds

Penguin Isle MOD creates a peaceful, gentle space that brings relaxation to players. Pictures of funny penguins, moving quickly. Especially the details of the penguin are very realistically simulated the image of this animal in reality. Their visual effects will bring more laughter to players than just playing the game. Besides, on this cold land, you can also meet other animals. Like bears, fish, breathe, etc… Create a wonderful ecosystem. The funny sounds, the chirping of the birds will definitely make you feel much more excited.

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Experience going to a place with extremely different climatic conditions, cold all year round. There is still life here, players will make friends with super cute penguins. A very special bird that has wings but cannot fly. Build and create a dream world on an ice island in the middle of the vast and vast sea. Downloading Penguin Isle MOD makes it easier for you.

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